See the new rock border

The new rock border is installed and I think it adds a lot of character to my home. The stone color matches my porch post stain. What do you think?

It was not easy to gather this rock. The big ones weigh about 30 lbs each. MrD did all the work of course as I am still worthless since my surgery. I can plant the plants but all that bending does me in after about two hours.

Because I’m not going to continue that rock border on the right side where the sidewalk is—I made the two sides balance by adding stacked rock around the planter on the right. This rock was free. All we had to do with haul it off the mountainside. That was not easy as the rock was embedded in the ground. Each one had to be dug out and hauled by wheelbarrow up a steep hill and then placed in the bed of MrD’s truck–one by one.

We’ve had a very cool and moist Spring so everything is green but not much is blooming. My annuals need a good bit of sun and some warmer temperatures–but there are buds everywhere. It will be very colorful in another week or so.

Besides the Bee Balm, petunia cultivars like Wave and PW’s supertunias, there are also lots of perennials and annuals–like narrow leaf zinnia, annual salvia, and cleome. Wait and see what this will be in two weeks!

My birthday is in one week and this year I’ve ask for a new system by Wild Birds Unlimited. It comes with a squirrel baffle for the post–and lots of other gadgets. That’s my kitchen window on the left and our morning room window on the right. We really enjoy the birds in the garden and a new system will keep out the cats and the squirrels. I get some good pictures of the birds through those windows.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll show you the back of the house. Lots planted back there!!

And just at the bottom of the screen–one of the rows of the garden at Copper Top Cottage

And these still have to be planted ;).

See my before and afters HERE and information about Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl

8 Comments Add yours

  1. I loooove the rock border. I love your house, your green grass, your garden, your porch. It all looks so gorgeous and cozy, too. I just want to sit on that porch and drink sweet tea and chat about your garden with you. All your hard work , yet we get to enjoy it! Thank you so much for making the world a nicer place.


  2. joey says:

    A huge rock lover, count me in for the new look, Anna!


  3. Work has kept me from visiting in awhile, but Happy Birthday! Wishing you the best year ever. I do know about rocks as I’ve had to pull out rocks from each and every bed I’ve carved into my garden. You are welcome to come get some from me!


  4. Randy says:

    The rocks border fits very well! Your gardens look great and I like the stepping stones as well. Happy B day to you a tad early better early than forgotten 🙂


  5. Robin says:

    Oh, I meant to tell you that I love your new picture. You look so cute!


  6. Robin says:

    The rock border looks great, Anna! Your hubby must really love you to go to that much trouble to get rocks! Wow, that was a lot of work!


  7. Sheila says:

    The garden looks lovely! The new rock border is the perfect detail for the beds. I like the color and how it picks up on the porch color. I am planning on putting borders in my beds this summer but I am so far undecided on what material to use. My husband likes the rocks but I am afraid that the grass will creep in and become a headache to manage because I have so many edges in so many beds. Did you put anything down to keep the grass out?


    1. Thank you and I suppose there will be places where I have to pull the grass out—but the look is worth it I think. I had this border for years at my former home and we just whacked it with the weedeater. It was not a problem.


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