You can put pink and red together!


In this photo, pink, red, and blue. I use to follow all the rules and then I discovered a love of all flowers. So now the gardens are cottage style and it all works. Don’t you think?

Above is at my former home and planted close by is red–it works.


I love phlox!

Above is my vegetable garden from Summer 08 at my current home. I called it--The Window clever of me. And see what my Windows look like today — My shed made from the windows above, Copper Top Cottage and don’t forget to use red in the garden–it makes it pop!

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  1. 33barefootlane says:

    It seems these days that anything goes, and I love it! We are free to ignore the old advice and celebrate pink and red together!


  2. I totally agree–pink and red and blue and purple–but a little more difficult to add yellow and orange, don’t you agree! That’s a whole other matter! But red and yellow, that looks good, too. It’s art, really, picking flowers that look good together and enhance each other.


  3. nancybond says:

    I love red and pink together…especially a bright, fuschia pink. One of the prettiest combinations of geraniums I planted were these two colours, and I added in an orangey-salmon as well. They were very showy. 🙂


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