The Conifer Garden at Tanglewood Park

The conifers are in season and putting on quite the show. Our allergies went nuts but being with my oldest son today made it worth it. Thank you for going with me today—I very much enjoyed the day.

Today was a trip to the Conifer Garden at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC. And he was taking a picture of mom.

We both have pretty awesome cameras but more importantly–we have an awesome mother son relationship. I’m nuts about all three of my kids–these are pretty cool conifers but I was really just happy to be with my boy.

On the right is Japanese Red Pine…

and my son loved this photo–that made me feel so good. Don’t you love it when your kids give you compliments. I cherish every one.

And then the Japanese Black Pine…

That pine straw on the ground sure sets a nice stage for these specimens.

Makes you want to go out and buy a pine doesn’t it?

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  1. Nothing like being with a grown-up son. I remember that with longing and am so grateful that we had a special relationship, just like you and your sons. I love that your son appreciates plants just like his mama…you’ve left your mark on him in so many ways.


  2. nancybond says:

    The conifers are gorgeous and I would so love to have those brick paths! I’m glad you enjoyed your day with your son. 🙂


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