My two favorite trees I can’t live without!

After 40 years of gardening and living all over the USA, I’ve come up with a few favorites in my time. I use a combination of annuals, perennials, and foundation plants to form my garden design. I rely heavily on annual cultivars to give me punch all summer long but who can deny the majestic beauty of a favorite tree.

Nothing beats a Dogwood tree in Spring and Autumn and it’s on my list but not in the top two. Above is a Dogwood in Autumn.

Life is the happiest place in the world when surrounded by trees of interest. It might be the shade they provide or the burst of blooms that attract you ===neighborhoods with trees will provide more enjoyment for those who live there. They will also increase your property value.

Blooming right now in my backyard is a ‘Kwanzan’ cherry tree. The Kwanzan has deep orange leaves in the Autumn and will grow to about 30 feet tall and wide. It grows in zones 5-9, full sun, medium grower. It’s on my favorite list because it provides bloom power in the Spring and shade all summer long.

The photo above is the prettiest Kwanzan I’ve seen and is growing in my neighborhood. Follow that link and you’ll see a whole post about this tree. You can see the blooms close-up.

Second on my list is a Crepe Myrtle. I have 4 different varieties and want many more. The blooms last a long time, provide a profusion of color from about July to the end of Autumn depending on variety, and can be shaped to provide shade.

This is ‘Watermelon Red’

Follow the link above and read the discussion on the many different ways people choose to spell Crepe Myrtle. It’s a hoot!

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  1. Oh, how I love both those trees–cherry and crepe myrtle. They are my happy discovery since moving to the East Coast. The structure of the crepe myrtle without leaves is beautiful, and so is the bark, so it really looks good all 4 seasons (except when people prune them and they end up looking stumpy and deformed. That is truly disappointing to see.)The cherry tree with flowers: it takes my breath away. Glad to hear we like the same trees…


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