Spring–a podcast by Flowergardengirl

Please enjoy my newest video, Spring! Created on my MacBook Pro using Spring pictures from my neighborhood in North Carolina and music created in Garage Band. All work is original. I composed the music and took the photos.

The plant above is alternanthera ‘Party Time’. Works well in shade or part shade. It’s not in the video but knowing that you are are fixing your planters right now—I wanted to highly recommend this option for you. It will be your tall bush plant in the container. It works well as a stand alone too.

Happy Spring everyone–time to get out and put together your planters. Check out my container plant ideas on my sidebar.

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  1. I enjoyed the upbeat music and the tour of your lovely neighborhood with all the flowering trees, azaleas, and tulips. It is a great time of the year!


  2. Phillip (UK) says:

    A lovely reminder of Spring Anna. Great work.


  3. So neat that you have the talents to not only do the photography but also write the music for your videos. I really enjoyed this one, Anna. Two of my favorite pictures were of the mailbox with the pansies and the swing between the two trees. Thanks, Anna.


  4. joey says:

    Great job, Anna … loved it! Ain’t spring grand 🙂


    1. Thank you Joey and yes!!!! it is grand. Parts of this video sound like little sprinkles of rain. I inserted them for that reason. We can’t have Spring without glorious rain.


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