No more bunnies or chipmunks!

I promise they–the bunnies and chipmunks are happily nesting away and I have not harmed a hair on their head. But they are leaving my plants alone and so are the harmful bugs. Why? Cause I am using a product I learned about while searching the internet for non-toxic solutions to the problem of bunnies in the garden.

Let’s not kill the good bugs–that is a Monarch butterfly caterpillar above and it’s on the plant ascelpias ‘Fur Balls’. I grew that plant last year but chose not to this year because it was unclear to me if it was toxic to plains animals. Some farmers report their herds would eat this and get poisoned. So last year I collected all the seed pods and destroyed them. It was a very interesting plant and attracted butterflies like crazy–all milkweeds do that. Now on with the story——–

Hot Pepper Wax to the rescue! It works! Bunnies, chipmunks, and other such things were eating my newly planted or emerging plants. I wrote the company and ask them questions and they sent me some to trial. Works like a charm. Not even my tender new shoots of lettuce have been disturbed. My hosta is thriving!

The chipmunks had been doing a number on my sunflower and ‘Cherry Brandy’ rudbekias. I checked today and not a thing nibbled. Hot Pepper Wax comes in an insect and rodent spray. I have both and very pleased with the results.

It’s not advertised to work at repelling deer but they have stopped nibbling my hydrangeas too since I sprayed the leaves and new shoots with this product. Hot Pepper Wax is non toxic and I am recommending it to you for this Spring and Summer for your vegetables and ornamentals.

This product is suppose to work well on soft bodied insects so I’ll report back on that too. New growth needs to sprayed and other than that–it should last about two weeks before needing another good coating. Look at my hosta–and the hydrangeas behind it. They were being nibbled badly.

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  1. It’s good to hear about hot pepper wax. I have bunnies in my backyard, and they are big plant munchers, despite the fact that we feed them! Hungry, hungry bunnies! Pepper wax to the rescue.

    On a more global level, very interesting about India and the seeds…


  2. tina says:

    Love the furballs!


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