The Spring sun sets at the home of Flowergardengirl


The shadows of the Spring setting sun at the home of Flowergardengirl. All the front pots are planted and some of the annuals are in the ground. The vegetables still need to be placed in the beds and many of the annuals are not blooming yet. There will be  blues, whites, yellows, hot pinks and soft pinks and a tad of peach.

Hot pink will be the dominate color this year as it calls out from the bee balms and buddleias. White will come from the petunias and hydrangeas while blue will be featured in the salvias and angelonias.

There is artichoke just sprouting and tripods of tomatoes will come along soon enough. Carrots and radishes jump out of pots planted right beside narrow leaf zinnias and nasturtiums. Red Knock Out roses upstage the picture often when in full bloom.

Sunflowers take over in the latter part of summer and arrive at intervals just as they have been planted. Being at my house– from now as these first green shoots appear  until just a few weeks from now with a colorful array of flowering annuals and perennials—will certainly say you are at the home of Flowergardengirl. ……..And most welcome you will be!

To see all the pictures taken today, see my album HERE.

Thank you to my sweet husband and son for helping put down the new compost for this year and dividing some of my perennials.

A note to my readers: I’m doing well since my surgery but the potagers that were suppose to go on each side of Copper Top Cottage will not get done this year. Once I feel better, I’ll get started on building them for next year. For now, the vegetables will somehow–fit in the flower beds. Thanks to all for your well wishes.

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  1. Robin says:

    Sometimes life gets in the way of gardening doesn’t it? I had gallbladder surgery a few years ago and it definitely slowed me down. Last year with my dad’s cancer and taking care of my mother-in-law after her injury and surgery, both events took up my whole spring and summer. There wasn’t much gardening done at all. I have enjoyed the early warm weather and am enjoying being in the garden again.

    I hope you recover quickly and can enjoy your gardens. Please take good care of yourself!


  2. Kathleen says:

    I’m amazed that your pots are all planted Anna. Everything looks wonderful. Wish I could pot my stuff up too but like Catherine, I have to wait until mid May. boo hoo. Meanwhile, your garden is the place to be! Glad you’re feeling better.


    1. April 15th is our last frost date but many wait till Mother’s Day. I chance it and push it a bit. I have planted in March before but it was too much work covering everything. The only thing I would worry about right now would be three little lantana plants. Everything else can take the 40 degree night temps. I guess the Rex begonias need watching too but they are up under the porch.

      The rest of my annuals such as narrow leaf zinnias, salvias, and such are still down in the shed. So not everything is done. Lots more still to do.


  3. Your home, porch and gardens are truly lovely, Anna. Take good care of yourself and just enjoy the beauty you have set in motion….Mary


    1. Mary I would be pushing it harder if I could but this surgery won’t let you. I’ve never had anything keep me from gardening. And I’m not at all happy about it. I have big plans for my front porch and some pots had to be done now. You know I’ll get it done eventually–just not as quickly as previously planned.

      My girlfriend –whose home was destroyed by the last tornado that went through–is going to take some of the extra plants. And I know a neighbor or two who probably want some tomato plants. Not hard to give away veges around here. I am really sad about not getting the potagers done though. I was so looking forward to it.


  4. Catherine says:

    Glad you’re doing well, but are sure you’re not doing too much? 🙂 It’s already looking very pretty in your garden. My pots won’t get done until mid May, just not warm enough yet.


    1. Yes, I’m overdoing it. Mr D is fussing at me. He has to hear me complain in the afternoons. I find that I can not twist at all–so all movements are stiff and calculated. It’s irritating me beyond words. And I am a horrible boss and supervisor—I know how I want it done in the garden and am a crazy person about the particulars—so I drive everyone to drinking who helps me. It’s not a pretty sight when I can’t do it myself.


  5. You continue to amaze me. How do you do it all in your post-surgery condition? You are a flower-driven woman, no doubt about it.Now that we’ve seen the “before” photos, I can’t wait to see the “afters”. Having just affirmed you for doing so much, I now need to say this, “You get some rest, girl.” Your health comes first and the flowers can wait a little longer.
    Thanks for the prayers for me on Maui. You can’t believe the beauty here and it is very comforting.
    Love ya!


    1. Well oh how I would love to be in Maui. Hugs to you and hoping you can find some sweet memories.

      I bet the people in Maui wish they were in NC today–don’t they? CAuse we have got it going on. Perfect weather and blooming dogwoods everywhere. There probably isn’t anything in bloom in Maui. Poor thing.


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