Unreal Bumper Crop of Pollen for NC

Take a look at the green air supplied to us by Mother Nature. It’s here folks and I’m sick–everybody is sick!! Pollen counts in my part of NC are the worst recorded ever.  Looks like my weatherlore predictions from last Autumn are coming true. I had no doubts. Read this clip taken from the Winston Salem Journal:

Several factors have converged to make this pollen season difficult, said Stephen Greer, an agricultural extension agent in commercial horticulture at Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Service.

Lots of rain last spring and summer strengthened plants and enabled them to store up a lot of energy. A dry period in August triggered plants to set more blooms for the following spring, he said. More blooms mean more pollen. And temperatures in the 80s this week are encouraging plants to release pollen more quickly.

“It’s a bumper crop,” Greer said.

Above photo about 3 weeks ago when the oaks started putting out pollen–see the red tipped trees. No, the wax myrtle is not dying..it’s a phase it goes through. Weather patterns were important to the members of my family who farmed. It must be genetic cause I am fascinated by it. I record it on my camera and my blog.

It’s so unhealthy and I can’t even step outside without wearing some sort of mask over my nose. The wind is up today so I just gave up on doing anything outside. According to the paper, yesterdays count was 75% oak and 18% pine.

Look how dry the grass was last summer.

Journal follows on to say: Yesterday’s pollen rating was 149, which made it the second-highest level recorded in the 14 years that the environmental-affairs office has tracked pollen.

The highest pollen rating, 154, was recorded Tuesday.

The two days this week broke a record of 109 that was set on April 4, 2007.

It would normally be about half of that. So if you are about to go nuts with sniffling nose, watery eyes, and sore throat— this is why.

This is what is known as a perfect season for North Carolina—it should prove to be an above average summer meaning beautiful flowers. I certainly hope so.

I predicted a harsh winter and pollen filled Spring…You can see my Woolly Worm post to find out how using weatherlore is popular here in NC. Being a 9th generation NCer means I have stories on top of stories told by my grandparents and I’ve heard of these pollen ridden days turning in to years of fertile changes in the soil. Nature knows how to heal itself if we give it half the chance.

Happy Spring everyone.

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  1. Gail says:

    I wanted to ask if you grow White Dome (H arborescens) and what you think of it? I like the almost lace cap look of the flowers better then the newer mophead H arborescens…I do value your plant growing expertise! gail


    1. I do grow White Dome and thanks for asking. I have moved it from a sunny location in my front beds to an afternoon shade location in the back beds. The sun burned it up year 2008….then it had to recuperate in 2009. Now it is huge and doing much better.

      It actually journeyed with me from my former home. So I can see it’s a real trooper but hates our hot afternoon sun. The blooms did not last as long in the sun either. It likes it on the damp side–the leaves wilt badly in the heat.

      Now that afternoon shad spot is perfect. Love the blooms but the winter beauty is just as perfect. The heads are a deep beige and add so much interest to the garden.

      I only have one but they would be prettier in a bunch cause of the delicacy of the bloom.


  2. Taking local honey and bee pollen really does help with allergies… just make sure it’s within about 50 miles of where you live.


  3. Gail says:

    If you saw my rich brown porch you might think it was green…The pollen is horrid and everyone is uncomfortable…Hoping the rains ease your allergies…Gail


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