Flaming Orange and Pink Combinations


Reminder–Heucheras are an outstanding focal point in your containers!

Originally posted 2009—Orange and hot pinks are popular combinations this year. With all the new heucheras on the market in that color palette, people are looking for ways to use them in containers and the landscape. It is also popular to plant each container in a monochromatic fashion with your other color choice close in proximity.

( I am aware that some links on this page are broken. It has been a long time since I posted these pictures and websites change you know. But you can find them at the Terra Nova link below–for now anyway)

All photos used with permission from Terra Nova Nurseries

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buddleia-miss-ruby_5438bAbove is Miss Ruby from Proven Winners and the only picture not from Terra Nova



Consider planting some perennials close by in the same color scheme. Below is Coreopsis Strawberry Punch Notice the orange center of the flower–perfect for your orange and hot pink project.



Above, Heuchera Marmalade

Terra Nova Nurseries has developed some of the most beautiful heucheras on the market. They perform well in containers with just about anything. Take a look at some of these! All pictures are from Terra Nova Nurseries with permission.

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  1. joey says:

    Oh Anna, will I live long enough to wrap my arms around these beautiful heucheras! I have, crave, and want … more, more, MORE!
    They are so darn easy. It’s hard not to like such a happy agreeable nature in such a thing–right? With all the chaos in life, it’s nice for something to thrive without fuss.


  2. Phillip (UK) says:

    Love those combinations Anna, especially (for me) the Canna and Heuchara.
    Uproariously funny that you comment with ( for me). I totally get that and your fermented guzzling habit.


  3. Deb says:

    Anna, Absolutely stunning. May I steal some ideas? Can you stop me?
    What is that saying???–Turn around is fair play! Did I say that right? I’m forever using part of a saying with one phrase and then subbing in another similar such thing. Like—One good turn deserves a bird in the hand. A bird in the hand is worth many hands make less time. A months worth of seeding makes a thousand days of weeding. You get it. Borrow at your own risk. I know your blog addy.


  4. Cinj says:

    I need some of the heuchera, I love the foliage! As short of a bloom season we have up here, I think I’m in need of plants with interesting leaves.

    The wise perrenials are still nestled snugly in the ground up here. Only the bold tulips have ventured a look above the soil’s surface. Maybe I should invest in some more spring bulbs. Hmm, I seem to remember saying the same type of thing last spring. I’ll have to write myself a note this year!
    Wise perennials–I love that. My perennials aren’t so smart and we have this one freako night of cold that is threatening the life out of all tender new growth. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

    I’m so glad your house sold.


  5. I was just commenting on Cathy’s blog (outside in) that I love hot pink and orange together, and usually throw in some bright purple or blue just for giggles. In the garden, mind you, not in clothing. That would be a bit much even for me to handle.
    Gosh Jodi…you got nothing but water all around you right now. How is island living? Your little connected bit of land will be under water soon.

    I wear everything from boring to pizazz. Depends on my mood and Mr D’s mood too. TMI

    I like that bit of blue stuck in the container 😉 I go back and forth between monochromatic and totally over the top with assorted color. I don’t know how to meet in the middle.


  6. mothernaturesgarden says:

    You are talented in the plant combo department, Anna. Thanks for posting all the varieties of Heuchera, my new love. I had one in a container last year that required little attention.
    If it requires too much attention I’m not interested. You know? I want lots of plants and not lots of fussy ones either.

    I love your recent trip to the MG show. Love that espaliered –spelled right?–tree in one of your photos. That had to take forever. And..how did they get it to the show in one piece?


  7. nancybond says:

    Beautiful, beautiful — stunningly beautiful! My favourite colour combination! I do believe Heucheras are among my very favourite plants for the garden, too, especially as I’m confined to containers. Gorgeous!
    I have a PW heuchera and it has lived in a pot forever. It dies back in the winter and I scrap the crud off the top. It comes right back out in early Spring. Look at all the colors it comes in. My goodness….there will be heuchera gardens in the near future.


  8. Gail says:

    Hi Anna dear! Hot combo in the first photo! I am not a canna fan but it looks fantastic with the heuchera and blue eyed grass! Great ideas…I need to bookmark this page for ideas! Did the freeze reach your garden? gail
    Oh yes—-stronger words here—-like darn and shoot—the cold is here and being mean and hateful. I can hear my seedlings shivering. I’m worried. Will the falling-down-coldframe retain the heat from the ground…..from this weekend’s 80 degree weather? We’ll see. There could be carnage.

    I’m not a canna fan either and would probably sub that for a black elephant ear or some such thing that struck me while at the garden center. Canna is all over the place here as I suspect it is there too. The NC Dept. Of Trans. must have gotten a cargo load and have a 50 year supply. It’s all over the highways and byways. Looks ok when blooming but then it’s rather odd looking the rest of the season.


  9. Laura Z says:

    I love coreopsis, they’re so easy for me to grow and they’re fairly drought tolerant too.
    Great photos!
    They are drought tolerant for sure. I do love this new color.


  10. Janet says:

    I have a bit of a collection of Heucheras. I like that they are adaptable to sun or shade. One that I hope comes back (voles) is Cherries Jubilee, the blooms were outstanding and lasted a long time. The containers are striking! Any idea as to the plant material that was used? I like mixing all sorts of foliage.
    I’ll study on the plant material used. Of course we get the general idea and you know as much as I about the generalities. No help huh? I don’t think the plants were listed–they only gave photos unless I missed something. It’s my first time using their photos. Shall I come up and we’ll go hunting for them?

    I checked on your new diggs by the lake–very cool! But you’ll be about 4 1/2 to 5 hours away. It’s 2 hours to Charlotte and 3 to Greenville. Unless I can go as the crow flies. It might take several crows to get me there.

    I too love the huecheras but it’s nuts how many are out now. I use to know them all by name–shoot—not now.


  11. Cathy says:

    I’ve always used these colors in floral designs, just a beautiful color combination
    and those planters are wonderful.
    I love it too and have a lot of hits with people looking for it. Decorating with orange and hot pink is a popular wedding theme right now. Are you doing those types of arrangements? I would imagine so.


  12. Darla says:

    These containers are so perfect they look like silk. Very nice!
    It’s getting close to perfection…and the possibilities are endless. Some of these plants had thousands of trials before each was brought to the market. Lots of trial and error.


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