Healthier Plants only 2oz away!!!!

Sold Out right now. After two years of trial in my gardens, I’m now selling the–Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl. It works! Period. I apply it at 1 to 1/2 cup every two weeks to blooming annuals and perennials. If you start getting too many leaves and not enough blooms–cut back to one time a month.

I still fertilize and amends my beds properly–but what I have noticed with the Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl–is that I get twice as many roots. My leaves and stems are healthy thus not as many bugs or disease.

My garden is the only proof I have of this stuff working—so enjoy the pictures on my sidebar under My Garden.

That is only one ‘Senorita Rosalita’ cleome. The one below was planted at the same time in my neighbor’s yard. The above and below picture were taken on the same day. They were planted from a 4″ potted plant. Both plants were grown by the same grower in the same planting medium. The only difference…I used Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl–

My gardens beginning of 09 above and then below end of 09 Order HERE at my Decorate A Garden site. It is non-toxic. ***** I am currently sold out of this product. The reports have been very good. Please use the contact form on my main blog page if you want to be notified when I offer it again.

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  1. Anna, I’ve used 3 bottles so far, and I’ve given you one report about the leaves on certain plants that it damages. You asked that I continue to give feedback so we could all learn about this product. For some things, like annuals, I like it. For my perennials and succulents, I don’t like it. They are all now growing very “leggy” and some even have misshapen leaves like I’ve never seen. I might choose to use it on annuals, but I hope I haven’t ruined some good perennials here. Are these effects permanent?


    1. Robin, thank you and I’m glad it’s working on your annuals. I tried it on succulents and perennials for two years and got good results. There are others giving me feedback and they too are having good results with perennials. So I’m not sure why you aren’t. My perennials came back stronger and healthier the second year. If you send me a list of those plants you are having trouble with and pictures–I’ll grow some of the same plants and add the Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl and compare. I’ll be glad to refund the money if I get the same results. I would like to see what it’s doing to your plants if you don’t mind.


  2. joey says:

    Wow, eye popping plants, Anna! You must have hit on the perfect formula. Good luck!


  3. Your garden is gorgeous! The cleome is impressive. Best wishes!


  4. Dee Nash says:

    Anna, it sounds wonderful. I wish for you much success.~~Dee


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