This reminds me of a story, sunflowers in a sack

Here we have 4 little brown sacks packing some mammoth sunflowers. A bit leggy but they’ll be ok.

Some are better than others. They got this leggy cause I am nursing back to health after an emergency gall bladder surgery over a week ago. They accidentally removed my right leg but I can live with it cause they eventually found the diseased gall bladder and I am on the road to recovery. I will walk with a limp but life goes on.

The radishes from Botanical Interests Seeds are going in the garden and some flower pots. Doesn’t everyone plant radishes in with their flowers? I will plant them every two weeks cause I just love radishes and I’m using them in bunches for some photo ops and maybe even a wedding. Yes, radish bouquets are the new in thing at weddings. They will be grouped with artichokes.

I’m still recovering and can’t stand long so this little stool that belonged to my uncle–is aiding me along as I repot the seedlings. Everyone seems happy with this situation except for my uncle who wishes he was still using that stool. It was in his house for the better part of 60 years. It never collapsed on him so I feel like he passed a good thing to me.

Two dollars goes a long way with bags and I got 50. Poke it full of holes and cut off the rolled down top–and stick it in good soil–and in no time—flowers! These are sunflowers and the birds were eyeing my every move.

This is the best potting soil on the market right now. After seeing samples of it at the GWA, I wanted some. It’s a good blend of fine bark chips and healthy soil. I was truly impressed. I think the other famous brand is too dense and smothered some of my plants last year–so I am going to be looking for this very soon. This is my last free bag. I also planted some pansies in it last fall and they are doing very well. Jolly Gardener Potting Soil

They would be twice that size but the deer came through twice! Look at my sedum growing in it–loves it huh? I will buy it cause it stayed loose and the roots got good air circulation. I never water this pot and yet it thrived on. Also===ever notice some moisture control soils get soggy–not this one–look at that sedum. It would rot if too wet

Right now it’s early Spring in NC–but I’m preparing for lots of blooms! And boy can I grow blooms.

And I take my potting soil seriously! Oh–Happy April Fools—I did not lose my leg.

Above is ‘Augusta Blue Skies’ nierembergia, ‘Pink Parfait’ suberbena, and at the top ‘Snow Princess’ lobularia. The soil and these plants are all new for 2010.

See My Amazing Before and After and what is the secret I use to grow such a lush garden!

Same beds! I do all my own gardening. Look at the ‘Senorita Rosalita’ cleome on far right. See my Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl for your gardens. 1 oz makes 2 gallons. $6.95 for 1 ounce, $12 for 2.  I tested it two years and use a cup per plant about every other week during the growing season. I wasn’t going to sell it but I had so many folks writing me about  it that here it is—you can buy it now. It will ship this week. Put it on the roots of flowers–not the flowers!–but roots–and it did amazing things to that River Birch! Go above this photo and click the before to see.

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  1. I’m excited to see what spring brings for you!


  2. simpledaisy says:

    It all looks so lovely!! Isn’t it great to finally be able to get outside and dig in the dirt?!!? I love it!


  3. eliz says:

    Well that was a grim AP joke–fortunately, I never bought it! Your front garden looks amazing.


    1. You weren’t fooled cause you know me!!


  4. Linda says:

    Hello, Your front garden is beautiful. I live in Pittsburgh Pa can you please tell me what plants you use for your space.Im having a problem with hieght like low med and high palnts and which ones to mix. I want a cottge garden style your colors and the palcement is wonderful. Or can you recommend a web sight to explain
    Thank-you so,


    1. Linda…that’s a million dollar question. Too many to say and too many options…My beds Summer 2009 were a mix of different things. Annual Vinca, annual ‘Victoria Blue’ salvia, dwarf cryptomeria, and the list goes on….if you look on my sidebar under my gardens—you can hover over the pictures and see if I named everything. I try–but get a bit lazy. Good luck to ya.

      If you are looking to enlist the help of a paid professional–I know a few in your area….You can also go to join–and search blogs in your area.


  5. Anna, your before and after pics are amazing. I ordered some of your special concoction for my little front garden. It’s just sitting there – not growing. Pansies that I planted last fall are just looking at me – like “what are we supposed to do?”. And that’s after several applications of Miracle Grow, too. I talk to them nicely, but they keep telling me that talk is cheap. Anyhow, I’m eager to see how your special potion works on the rocky Tennessee soil. If my small garden would look even half as lush as yours, I’d be tickled pink.


    1. Your order came through about an hour ago. I hope it works for you! Thank you! It works on everything as long as it’s applied to the soil in and around the plant. Some leaves don’t like it–like those of dill–it’s the only one I found….shrub leaves love it. It will kill a bloom in no time flat though–warning. I like the –talk is cheap–remark. I do amend my beds a lot but there are farmers who use this on tired soil and it does the trick. It will be interesting to me too –seeing how it does in rocky soil…that might be one I haven’t tried.


  6. You can be a pretty funny sassy Southern girl. Glad you are using soil therapy for your recovery and sitting on the Uncle’s stool–it is very cool. Hugs and hope you feel 100% soon.


  7. Sylvia (England) says:

    Anna, so glad you are okay – chuckle, chuckle. I did check the date at the top though! Potting compost is a really hot topic here because the government are trying to stop us using peat. The problem with the alternative is that they are variable and have lots of extra bits e.g. twigs, stones, glass you name it we get it! It also changes each year so you can not get used to one type. Glad you have found some you like and I hope they haven’t changed the formula!

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)


  8. Hope you are recovering and thank HEAVENS your leg wasn’t removed! Legs are a big help when you garden.

    Loved the before and after pics and I too grow my sunflowers and also my Heavenly Blue morning glories in paper sacks for the first few weeks of their lives. I love it that I simply tuck the bag into the soil and the plants don’t go into shock.

    Get well,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


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