‘Sunshine Daydream’ Helianthus x multiflorus

Helianthus x multiflorus ‘Sunshine Daydream’

I am  proud to be representing North Creek Nurseries in their introduction of a fantabulous new false sunflower (Helianthus x multiflorus) called ‘Sunshine Daydream’.  This new selection has many, completely double yellow blooms and deep green foliage on a tall, sturdy plant.

Size: 5 to 6 feet tall by 2 to 4 feet wide

USDA hardiness Zones: 4-8

Sun/shade:  Full Sun

Soil: Average garden soil

Moisture: moist, but well drained

Diseases and Pests: This selection is generally free of powdery mildew

Bloom Time: June to August

Landscape use: Middle of the border, foundation plantings, mass plantings, butterfly gardens, cutting gardens, cottage gardens.

*****I saw this plant at the Garden Writers Symposium in Raleigh, North Carolina and fell in love. So I brought it home and planted it in the heat, humidity, and amended clay beds of my backyard. Well–it did well–not blooming much the first season as it was in August when I planted it—but now—after a harsh winter—I see signs of growth!

So I can tell you that much and hope you’ll watch for it—-then you can compare notes with me. We’ll see how it does a full season in my garden. I’m hoping very well cause it is a beauty. I’m doing everything I can to attract butterflies!

And she was sitting there just begging to go home with me!

#####Sunshine Daydream was discovered by North Creek Nursery’s General Manager Tim McGinty in 2006, but it caught my eye while visiting their trial gardens on a trip during the Perennial Plant Association Symposium in 2008.  The weather was phenomenal for July in Philadelphia and the trial gardens had been manicured to perfection. This plant really stood out in the trials, so I began asking about its origin.  It was covered in blooms and standing there – a group of three plants – straight and strong and five feet tall – in perfect form.  The foliage was perfectly clean and there were leaves covering every inch of the stems – even after the wretchedly hot, dry summer it had already endured.  This selection really stood out as a gem for the mid-summer garden.  It’s a winner. I think it could soon replace all other double-flowered helianthus.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Those are beautiful. Have not seen those in Texas yet. The most exciting ones we had last year that was my personal favorite was a single called “Mac and Cheese”. The color was exactly like the color of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Thanks for stopping by our little blog.


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