Early Spring Showcase at LA Reynolds Garden Nursery

Please come with me and see an early preview of LA Reynolds Garden Showcase Nursery in Winston Salem, NC. I ask Ken Long–the owner–what his motto was for  Spring 2010–he said….’To Color Forsyth County’ I sure believe they can do it. Ken your nursery is spectacular and the color is already speaking volumes on your efforts to exceed the Spring motto.

I was there as a field representative for Garden World Report and Shirley  at Eden Makers Blog will air portions not seen here—and show the nursery in full bloom as she schedules her Spring shows. Thank you Shirley!

Field Reporter for Garden World Report

I also found Dramm watering tools displayed all over the nursery and I highly recommend their new Touch and Flow Pro wand. It’s the hottest new garden tool.  I have used it and the cut down on hand fatigue is superior! I ask for one for the open house of Copper Top Cottage–which will be soon cause I’ve got 1,700 seedlings going strong–I needed the Touch and Flow Pro wand desperately. Thank you Dramm!

Cool colors huh? I want a pink/purple one too. I got red. Seems like you need more than one.

I was pleased to see LA Reynolds Garden Showcase Nursery already had ‘Snow Princess’ lobularia which is the biggest thing to happen to the allysum lover. I trialed it in my garden–and it is a wow beyond words! It does need a good watering twice a day but will give you blooms beyond frost.

Please visit your locally family owned nursery—which is just like this one. It’s been owned by the Long family for almost 20 years. And watch Garden World Report as this nursery will be featured in the near future!

Hugs from Anna this week–I’ve been absent  from blogging–I had emergency surgery last week–I’m doing fine–and back in the blogging world–stay tuned for more Spring yummies!!!!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Robin says:

    Girl, I’m glad that you are OK. Hopefully you’ll be fully recovered in time for spring planting.


  2. Stevie says:

    your garden shot in summer looks so lovely – i can’t wait to see it this year!


  3. Daricia says:

    wondered where you were, anna. glad you’re back and feeling better.


  4. Hi Anna–I’ve been busy at the hospital and I read in the comments that you have been, too. Hope you are well dear friend. Lots of love and hugs.


  5. Christine B. says:

    Visits (be they actual or virtual) to nurseries this time of year are a lifeline for snowbound gardeners like myself. Thanks! (And I’ll take the blue wand…)

    Christine in Alaska


  6. Randy says:


    Glad your surgery went ok! Meg is getting dental surgery this morning. A lot of money out of our pocket and dental should be part of health care, we have a long way to go in this country to fix health care.


  7. Phillip (UK) says:

    Hooray – Spring. What an inspiring post.


  8. The video is being processed I see–come back soon to view! This new feature on my blog is something I just upgraded to—I think it will be worth it! You let me know.


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