Ok, Espoma where is my box of goodies?

Every year, my flowers bloom their fool heads off cause I know how to make it happen. I don’t do it alone.( these are a new Supertunia I trialed in 08 for Proven Winners–that is only 3 plants–seriously! —Vista Silverberry)

Norsirree–I’ve got some products that are as faithful as the clock ticking. One is– Espoma. I can not live without Espoma Flower Tone and use several of their products in my garden. I’ve raved about them for years. ( Summer of 2008)

Summer 2009 and remember these are new beds. We just moved in April 1 2008. Brand new home with construction debris in these beds prior to me amending them to death. You can see the tab–Why Mushroom Compost Works—in my sidebar categories. Every year I change these beds and move perennials around. This year a hot pink will be the focus. ( when I say every year–it’s cause I’ve moved over 30 times and it’s my habit to never be the same at anything I do longer than 5 minutes)

So while at the Garden Writer’s Symposium in Raleigh, NC last year—I stopped by tell them how much I like the product. He gave me one of those looks like—-so you are telling me you write about my product. I said yes—a lot—go search my site and see.

So he said—well give me your card and I’ll send you some samples of our new stuff. I’m still waiting. I wonder if he’s been to see how well his product works on my gardens? Do you think they’ve read my blog? Us garden writers wonder if the product owners every stop by to see if we hold up our end of the bargain. Now I’ve never received a free thing from Espoma—and there are garden folks who beg me to showcase their product—-so you know that either says one of two things—–

Either that product is so good he doesn’t need me—–or he forgot to stop by. Doesn’t matter really. I still want to thank the company and promote the product cause I promised ya’ll I’d only bring you the best. I promised you that Flowergardengirl would report on what’s good for your garden.

So folks—this is one product I believe in and I’m getting ready to buy 100lbs of their Plant Tone. Why—cause it’s a vitamin for the soil. It puts back trace minerals used up last season. I’m putting down Black Kow and Mushroom compost too. See….

Last night at midnight ;). Where is the Espoma??? It goes in after I work in the black leaf mulch which you see here in the beds already. We–mostly Mr D–did it yesterday. Still more beds to do!. I work in black leaf mulch with Black Kow. Next goes the mushroom compost and Espoma cause I don’t want to work it in the soil as deep or thoroughly—it doesn’t take as much either. I work everything in with a pitchfork. Then I top dress with a good medium bark chips for weed control and water/moisture retention.

Check out the Espoma website! Lots to learn and find the product that is best for your garden. I also use Flower Tone as I plant each plant in the Spring.


**See Anna’s Garden Makeover and how she makes her garden bloom! Bloom Mix

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  1. I’m a big fan of mushroom compost – just put some out Sunday afternoon. But I didn’t know why it was so good until I read your post about it. I’ve so much to learn about gardening and love learning this way! Enjoyed your post about your cottage, too. What a dream!


  2. simpledaisy says:

    I’ve never tried mushroom compost….but based on the looks of your flower bed….I better give it a whirl!
    Just lovely:)


  3. Hi Anna

    Well, i don’t know about Espona but goodness knows you go to great lengths to improve the soil. Good on you, I guess give the ground the best and everything will follow as the supertunias lay testament to. That’s some growth from three plants. Wow.



  4. Yay, a fellow mushroom compost user!


  5. joey says:

    Sounds like a grand recipe for the soil, dear Anna. On your advice, count me in!


  6. love those beds…I’m going to try this year to compete with yours! haha!


  7. Daricia says:

    midnight, huh, anna? maybe i should get out and garden when i can’t sleep! we put down mushroom compost last weekend, but now i’m going to have to look into espoma, too. your flowers look fantastic!


  8. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I’m going to give Espoma a try because of your recommendation. You should be working for them instead of him.


  9. Bernie says:

    Your garden beds are brilliant … you’ve obviously found what works well for your garden.


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