Copper Top Cottage as you’ve never seen it.

Here is every corner of Copper Top Cottage. It’s starting to become the space I dreamed about as a little girl. From all those pine straw make believe houses I made as a kid–to the real life version that MrD made for me. Thank you my sweet husband. I told him how I played house as a little girl and dreamed of having the house of my dreams and a shed 😉 . He said what kind of shed…..

Come inside–

My grandmother’s crystal…..

My great aunt’s supper bell, a thermos that my uncle took to work at RJ Reynolds during his career, and other cherished items.

and every day that he took that thermos, his tool chest waited for him. Upon his retirement as the electrician, he brought his tool hutch home with him. Just recently, he and my aunt moved to a retirement home. He gave me his hutch and some of his tools. I love it all!! This is a working shed of mine. You’ll see in a minute.

The spatulas are my aunts but I like their stuff displayed like this. I like how many files my uncle had. I used one to smooth off the branches that hold the curtains.

And in the tool chest were a bunch of brackets and stuff–that I  used to hang the sticks …Uncle Bob would love it that I’m using it.

That’s just cool old stuff that I can use on my birdhouses—there is lots more in the other drawers.

This is a working shed. Birdhouses and feeders will be made from the wood in the back left corner. I collected some of it from an old house that was torn down. And you can see I’m in the middle of planting seeds.

The lace curtains are up for several reasons. They are pretty but the function to keep keep the hot sun from shining on my seedlings–and if I am working in there and want the windows open–they keep the bugs out.

I have 5 trays planted up so far. 15 or more to go.

The metal cabinet was in my grandmother’s bathroom. She used it to store her linens. I got the stained glass pieces at a salvage yard. I have more and will hang them from the rafters. I still have to paint the floor with the ginkgo pattern. The fan on the cabinet was my grandma’s too. My aunt made the little stool—so I cherish so much from my family.

If you notice, I don’t mention my mom and dad very much—it’s because the memories with my aunt , uncle, and grandma were more important to me. I have a few things from my parent’s home and I did take care of my mom for years after her strokes—but my most happiest moments were with my grandma, aunts and uncles. All my morals and values came from them.

I hope you have enjoyed the progress on Copper Top Cottage—I’m not nearly done–lots more trinkets and such to add. Hugs to everyone and thanks for following the journey. We got to fix that front drooping copper fascia board. And those extra windows—there are plans for those–stay tuned.

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  1. This is such a wonderful story and so many memories and dreams come true. I enjoyed reading every bit of it!


  2. Robin says:

    I love how your cottage turned out. I’m sure it is like a sweet sentimental journey for you as you spend your time there. I’m glad that your dream has come true!


  3. Linda says:

    Oh,I just had to come back and say I wasn’t going to look ahead…I was going to go in order that you wrote your blog, but I just couldn’t help myself!!! I love your shed! I’m so happy for you! I know you are going to have tons of wonderful times in there, surrounded by precious keepsakes of your loved ones. All I have of my shed so far are the water and electrical lines down and more water hydrants than any one person needs, but I can see it so clearly in my mind, down the old door knobs. You have gotten me even MORE excited now!


  4. Linda says:

    Hi Anna! My first time to post. I just found your site a few days ago, so let me tell you what has happened since then…I’m a little behind at work…I’m a little behind on housework…I now have Dr. Bronner’s soap and witch hazel toner…I’ve ordered some seeds from Botanical Interest…I have 2 big bags of Plant Tone…and I’m looking for mushroom compost! LOL I’m reminded of the young child that follows the older child around like a puppy! But don’t blame yourself, I take full and complete responsibility! I started way back at the beginning of your archives (wow Feb, 2009 was a busy month!!) so I still have a years worth of reading. I had to jump forward to tell you that I’ve loved every minute of reading your blog and that I appreciate all the time and information that you are willing to share with us all. BTW, I’m 51, married in 1978 and still think my hubby is very delicious! oh, and he’s building me a potting shed!!! When I told him why I had ordered the soap and toner, he ask me “but when did she start it?” lol ok, so I’m a little late in starting it but figure it can’t hurt! Ok, back to March 2009 I go…I could do a little work, but it’s Friday, Spring time! and sooooo many ideas running thru my head!
    Linda (Arkansas)


    1. I loved reading this—and thank you so much. February and March are almost my busiest months for planning–like right now I’m in the throws of seed planting. Hugs to you and I hope you are here–every day. I love it. Oh—get a good moisturizer if you need it. I like that Dr Bronners but it can be a bit drying at first if you aren’t use to it. I use it in the shower too as it last forever.


  5. Catherine says:

    It’s just so sweet. I love how sentimental you are about it and what is inside.


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