Coming to UNC TV PBS Growing a Greener World

I am pleased to be a part of my community who helped to bring Growing a Greener World to PBS here in North Carolina.  I did a few post early on about this show at my website Decorate A Garden when we were trying to get the show some promotion. I’d like to thank all my friends, family, and those councilmen and women who went to cheer and called to get Growing a Greener World to PBS in NC.

Thank you so much UNC TV for airing it. We appreciate you.  Please give back to your member supported tv station so we can keep Growing a Greener World on for years to come.

Cause–WE DID IT!! Joe said it’s coming this May–So enjoy the video from the day I went to visit. Joe Lamp’l and Nathan Lyon. Patti Moreno, the cohost, wasn’t there that day so maybe they will invite me back! I hope so!

Thank you so much Joe!

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  1. Phillip (UK) says:

    I’ve been out of connection (Internet problems) for a few weeks but so good to watcgh this. You are involved with such interesting things. I was reading some of the letters only last night from the other gardeners,


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