Perfect Petite Butterfly Magnet in a Container

‘Lo and Behold Blue Chip’ buddleia by Proven Winners Plants is a miniature butterfly bush. I’ve grown it for three years now. It will stay 3×3 feet. I do trim it each season to 1 foot off the ground in my zone 7 garden. I left it to grow one year but didn’t think it performed as well. I also fertlize it well at the beginning of Spring with a good organic mix. This is an excellent landscape plant that blooms all summer.

Stock photo by PW with permission.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Catherine says:

    I love this one. I’d love to try it in a container, great idea!!


  2. cindee says:

    Oh that is a perfect size. I really don’t like the big ones that much cuz they get so leggy. I do cut mine down every year but they still get that way. That is a pretty little one(-:


  3. Randy says:

    This seems like a great plant to have on the porch and it does not get out of control. Now tell me how to convince Meg to get rid of her totally overgrown house plants we put out on the porch.


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