‘King Tut’ papyrus large container plant

Look at how beautifully this graceful grass looks filling this large container. Very difficult to find something that flows freely from the top but allows so much space at the bottom for other plants. ‘King Tut’ papryus by Proven Winners plants answers the call.

This plant will grow to 72″ tall rather quickly–it did for me. I have grown it and was very pleased with its performance. I’ve also grown just about every Supertunia on the market and love them all. This is ‘Bubblegum’ you see bordering the wall. The tall white flower in the background is ‘Apple Blossom’ Spirit cleome and the hanging baskets are ‘Snow Princess’ lobularia alyssum which is a huge hit this year. I’ve grown everything here. Absolutely love it all.

I’m going to be posting quite a few pretty pics here for the next few days–stay tuned 😉

**See Anna’s Garden Makeover and how she makes her garden bloom! Bloom Mix

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  1. cindee says:

    That is really pretty! I love grasses! I have not tried to grow that one though. Maybe this year I will give it a try. I wonder how it does with freezing? I lost a lot this year due to freezing temps. )-: I am sad about that but maybe I will get something new this way too!
    I also love the petunias! They are awesome!!!


  2. A gorgeous green fountain! What a beautiful plant –and pot and petunias, to boot.


  3. I love the Papyrus. I grew one in a pot last summer which did ok as I kept up the watering regime and put a saucer under it to help retain the water.

    I’ve a stone planter on the terrace which I will dig out and line with plastic to help water retention and then I’m probably going to grow a good few of these in it this summer. I don’t know whether to plant around the legs or not.

    Anna that’s some going to grow all that lot in the photo. Superb!


  4. Hils says:

    STUNNING …… not just the papyrus but the whole effect of the different colour palates and the design …… LOVE IT! I too love these supertunias …. they are a real must have in my garden.


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