Hitting the social media at break neck speed

Nobody likes to brag right? I’ve been hitting the social media at break neck speed. So how is this working out for me? How am I managing and staying on top of my game?

It’s a bit like tending a pan of hot grease. If you don’t monitor the temperature and watch what is cooking in the pan—you’ll soon start a fire that will consume the whole house.

I’m in so many different places throughout the day. I’m here at my personal site, over at the new site——————— Best Garden Blogs.com , on facebook, occasionally twitter, and at a few garden forums.

How do I manage all this…oh and I forgot to say—I’m also creating a once a month online garden magazine.

Experience helps a lot. Having the right tools to expedite the process is key. Maintaing a level head when things go wrong and your blog/website crashes. But what really keeps me on top of my game?

Knowledge! I can stay on top of my game because I persevere through a problem with great focus and determination. It may take me a week, month, year to sort out the details of a challenge—but sort it out I will. And what have I learned from this process?

I have learned success. What do people lack when swimming in the social media? They lack two things—they lack perseverance and being open.

I’m specifically talking about building your business and friend base at the same time. It truly does work that way. You can’t get on FB just to build a business and you can’t build a business without connections and friends.

I’ve got some tips for you. Those of you who try to pick my brain to find out how I tick–read on.

1. Don’t be exclusive. I get request all the time to help promote garden books. Why? Cause my audience is the gardener and not the professional gardener. I want to be in the backyard of those needing my help. I’ve noticed that most folks on FB—I’m talking garden book authors and the such—-tend to talk with only other garden authors. They friend a lot of people but hardly ever visit the FB page of their followers. I make it a habit to visit at least 10 new followers a week. I go to their FB page and always, always, always I can connect on some level. So I do. It helps that I genuinely love people.

2. You won’t make it around to everyone so don’t try. I know folks who make a habit of stopping by my blog or FB page and writing the word ‘cool’. Well big whup. I don’t care that you come by often—but I do care that when you do—you appreciate what I wrote. Moral—you can not be everywhere but you can leave quality where you are.

3. Do 3 things new every day. Ruts get in when you tread over the same spot forever and ever. I am forever blazing a new trail and most of the time I invite along my friends. Today for instance—I went to a message board and posted a new topic which engaged a good discussion. How many of you belong to message boards but never start a topic? This is called sucking the system dry. If you are trying to build a social media audience and you aren’t engaging—then you’ll blend with the curtains.

4. This is huge so listen! People are curious by nature–no matter if they are shy or outgoing–people love to know what you are doing. I have been brutally honest on my site and sometimes even shocking. If you can’t do that—then it’s going to be harder on you to make it. You can still make it—-but good stories last forever. Proof is in my stat records showing the consistency of folks reading the humorous mistakes in my life. Fortunate for them, I make a lot. Most are funny.

5. Which brings me to the point about being funny—-you don’t have to be a comedian to lighten the mode of conversation. Most people are funny without trying. At least one funny thing a week happens–if you pay attention. Write about it. Your readers will love it. And it’s good to be humble which humility tends to do. How many times have ya’ll read the dictonary? the encyclopedia, the budget—the Gettysburg Address? I know blog authors who write facts day in and day out cause it’s their reputation at stake but boy do they love me advertising their books—-huh? —-why me?–I’m all over the place with topics—-well—cause they know I’ve got a good site that attracts quality people who love to garden—just the folks they’d like to see buying their book/product/information.

6. Get out in the social media world and sign up for stuff. FB and Twitter are no brainers. I don’t much like Twitter cause I think it’s a lazy man’s way to build a business. Sorry–but you have to have twice as many friends on Twitter to accomplish your goals. The feeds are difficult to read and the audience you are looking for wants to stop and digest the information. Twitter won’t let you do that. It’s better for you to be able to respond and engage than twit and run.

7. Social media works if you are an interesting person. This requires that you read a lot. I think those #clubs or groups on twitter are exhausting. I don’t go to a single one and my blog is indexed 100% by google. Again, participating in the #groups on twitter will be a good time but how many of your potential audience are you reaching? Seems to me like it’s a bunch of your peers having a good time. You are #grouping with a bunch of folks you are in competition with. Go find your customers and not your peers. To do this—you have to be an interesting person. To attract other people—you got to know cool stuff. Stay up on what is new in your line of business.

8. Be physically attractive in your profile photos and correspondence. I am a size 16 needing to be a 10 but my hair is clean and neat, I am wearing cute clothes, and non of my teeth are missing. Dress for the picture taking and remember your audience. My audience is moms between the ages of 30-70. They don’t want me to be sexy—they want me to be clean and happy. They want to come looking forward for a hearty welcome and a pretty face. They don’t care if I’m rich or poor as long as there is food for the soul. Give from my heart to theirs.

9. Change up your site occasionally—people will notice.

10. Don’t stay with something that isn’t working. I’ve used blogger, vox, godaddy, typepad, and a few others and non was the equal to wordpress. Blogger came close but their upload time for photos just killed me. Don’t stay some place either blog or forum where you feel stale. I started my blog in February 2008 and then made a bunch of stupid mistakes in the months following. It never hurt me much—I just kept getting better every time I persevered. My followers would see I was getting better and so by a year in to it—-they just followed me on to the next project all the while trusting me.

In closing,

Make a least 5 beautiful changes to self and web page this week.

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  1. Sue Langley says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, but do you still have time to garden? 😉

    Anna, I feel very comfortable with you and I’ve only ‘known’you a short time…only online and it still works…you must be doing something right.



    1. Thank you Sue and I feel the same about you. I think the key to my success is honesty. Building trust will get you a lot of respect. I always share what I’m doing and if I can’t deliver–I admit my mistakes easily…..I do have lots of time to garden and I’m not even on the puter all day–really. I get up and do laundry, etc…and keep a clean house. I think it’s just I don’t watch much TV and I’ve always been extremely efficient. I prioritize easily.


  2. Catherine says:

    Anna, I do notice a difference between how you Facebook and others that as you say are probably just trying to increase business. While I like reading what others have to say, it’s nice to have them return the visit once in awhile. I find that after so long of it being one way that I tend to stop visiting either facebook or blogs. I really like how your personality shines through in all you do via social media. Since it’s social it’s sort of like a friendship in the way that it’s takes efforts on everyone’s part, otherwise what’s the point.
    I try to change up my blog fairly often, although I can’t part with my hummingbird header and as far as my own self I keep hoping I’ll get the What not to wear people to show up for a whole new makeover 🙂


    1. Catherine–makes me so happy you notice. I genuinely want gardening to be a group effort. None of us bloggers would have an audience if it weren’t for the audience.

      You have one of the best blogs out there—and I love your hummingbird too. That is an important thing to note–it works for you–it makes you feel good–and it makes you happy when you open your site. Makes me happy too.

      We blog very similarly as do many of our buddies. We love our gardens and want to share. I’m very proud to call you one of my best buds.


  3. Diana says:

    Anna, great post and ideas we can follow. Even though we may be aware of some of these things, we tend to forget and can always use reminders. Clearly you are an example to follow. 🙂


    1. Diana, I try above all else to be honest. I think folks like that I let them in on the whole adventure. We all get better when we all do better. You are one of the do gooders 😉


  4. Anna, you are pretty much a genius. I am not into social media, I am not building a business, I am not cyber-savvy, but I love your bird shots, your garden inspiration, and your beautiful take on life. And you are funny! And I AM impressed by your ability to keep adapting to new technology. Like I said… Pretty much a genius!


    1. Karen, I’ve about decided that the definition of a genius is someone who will get back up after they fail. Now that only makes your smart—what makes you genius is when you get back up when the odds are against you. Life really isn’t about the sitting back and living the life of Riley—it’s about surviving the next challenge.

      Thank you and I love ya lots.


  5. Well said, Anna;-) I have followed you every place you’ve gone and while I’ve sometimes wondered where you were going I never regretted the journey nor the destination. You’ve captured my interest and piqued my curiousity so many times and I even thought we were dropping off a cliff a couple of times…but no! You always seem to have a spring that makes everything pop right back up even higher and stronger with the next “boing”!!


    1. Jan, I appreciate that you’ve hung in there. I don’t deny anything you’ve said from falling off a cliff to completely vanishing. You stay around cause when my game is on–I am sincere and you recognize that. Thank you


  6. Donna says:

    Anna these are excellent points and I agree about Twitter. I have not had the time or desire…thx for these important points that I plan to use…I have done some but I can always do more…you are always a wealth of info and energy and thx for sharing!!


    1. Donna, I physically can’t follow twitter cause my eyes aren’t so good. I’m on there and twice as many people friend me there as on Facebook. I know some people love it–but I don’t like the disconnection with the reader/follower. I like something fixed that I can go ponder over. Maybe it’s cause I’m not a fast thinker. I enjoy thinking. I enjoy wondering how I’m going respond. I can’t do that in a mega-second.

      Thank you


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