Vlogging Up the Christmas Tree, Repost again

This is one of the videos that got deleted when my youtube account went haywire.  Well sweet Nan over at Gardening Gone Wild did an article on Getting Creative With Images and she was kind enough to reference my post where I talk about using the software– Gimp, a photo manipulating program. She also highlighted my vlogging and podcasting—so I just had to get cracking on getting the repairs to this wacky podcast.

James and Shirley will be thrilled cause it’s the third time I’ve bothered them with the link. I’ve had to upload this crazy video to youtube 3 times. Each time it takes about an howah as we say down here. I’m sorta beginning to think I’m ate up with myself. If youtube eats it this time–well it’s just gone. and ya’ll know what?? There are two strands of of lights out now on this dumb tree.

So this was the article from the original post and sorry but the comments from that first post got deleted. Life is not perfect so ya’ll get over it.—->>>>

Just for your entertainment. Mr D says nobody will stick this video out and I’m wondering too–but here you go. Part 2 will be on Wednesday. My kids are coming in this week and I want to have all the decorating done for them. I don’t get them very often so I want to make it special. I love having my kids home.

The Shirley I mention in the video is Shirley Bovshow from Eden Makers Blog. I just love her. And then there is the Mr. James A Sinclair who blogs at Blackpitts Garden. When I need to cheer Mr D up after an especially stressful day, I head over to Blackpitts. That dry humor matches Mr D’s step for step.

So sit back and laugh your fool heads off with me. This is a hoot. Be kind and remember my poor camera is broke and she’ll only video at the moment and not doing that very well but we’re giving it all she’s got.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. The Write Gardener says:

    You’re a nut! And I loved this! (Being an English major, I must point out that the apostrophe in “ya’ll” goes after the “a,” not before it as you have it.)


  2. Me too, loved it, Anna. You’re a natural on camera. I love your pretty home. Felt like I was right there with you. Any Christmas decorations on your beautiful front porch? If so, we’d enjoy showing them off on our site. Hugs, Mary


  3. I LMAO the first time I saw this posting AND during this second reposting. I just love it!!! You really should be on TV.


  4. hayefield says:

    Hey there, Anna. I’ll admit that I didn’t make it quite to the end of the video when you first posted it due to an outside interruption, but I really did enjoy watching your decorating adventures.


  5. Aren’t you having fun! you are a sweetie…Hope you have a great Christmas!



  6. nancybond says:

    I loved it just as much this second posting. 🙂 You’re such a sweetie, and there were a few giggle-out-loud moments too. Thanks for reposting this.


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