Operation Christmas Child 2009, The Grand Finale

As I moved among the thousands of shoeboxes today, only one thought traveled through my mind. What would that little girl or boy see in his or her box that might bring them joy? Oh please let our boxes bring them joy.

And that is the kind of place Operation Christmas Child really is—It’s a colorful place with wall to wall shoeboxes and even bigger brown shipping boxes— and tables with stations set up appropriate for different age groups where the workers can pack up all the shoeboxes to go out to their final destinations. Our boxes were assembled for all different age groups and a mix for boys and girls.

The stations were set up so that if items needed to be added they could. Some shoeboxes arrive at Operation Christmas Child headquarters with just a bit more space to add a pencil or package of mints. Each child will get their box to overflowing. Each station had some some bigger boxes and the shoeboxes were placed inside and packed up for delivery. The bigger boxes will be put on airplanes and trucks for distribution.

The boxes are inspected before they are packed. Not much is changed but they must make sure that nothing war related or frightening is given. Volunteers fill the building and each night hundreds of bigger boxes ready themselves to go out the door.

Thank you so much to those who made this journey so meaningful. My best friend Jo was the driving force behind this idea. She has been making little shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child for many years. Please go back and read all the past articles leading up to this grand finale HERE

Jo was so excited when we decided to raise money for this project. She just took over when it came to purchasing all the items. She was a whiz and mulitiplied your dollars x’s 10. She turned $800 into 20 boxes.

Thank you Proven Winners Plants for donating $300 right up front and getting us started and being our sponsor.

Jo’s church donated with us and the folks at Morningstar UMC in Charlotte, NC gave another 32 boxes. Jo’s husband is the pastor of that church. The ladies also helped to assemble the boxes. Jo and her husband, Tim, wrapped all the boxes!

Ok—here is a list of all the bloggers who gave— and you can go back and follow our progress at all the post HERE. My children gave too and Mr D of course. Thank you all so very much. I will do it again next year!

Save your money up! It cost about $30 a box and they ask that $7 per box shipping fee is added so we included that in a separate check. I’ll reopen donations again next year about two months before today. I’ve had so much fun.

Karen @ From Paradise to Plan B

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings

Cindy @ My Corner of Katy

Katie @ Garden of Words

Jan @ Thanks for 2 Day

Diana @ Sharing Nature’s Garden

Rebecca Sweet @ Gossip In The Garden

Shirley Bovshow @ Eden Makers Blog

Carol @ May Dreams Gardens

Gail @ Clay and Limestone

Kylee @ Our Little Acre

Catherine @ A Gardener in Progress

Leslie @ Growing A Garden In Davis

Pat@ Common Weeder

Mary Ann@ Idaho Gardener

Rosalie @ Prairie Rose Garden

Julie @ My English Country Garden

Karen @ Karen Eileen Designs

Thank you everyone for giving—This fundraiser is over. The last day to give was today, November 20th.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Rose says:

    So glad the fundraiser was a success! This was a wonderful project, and I do hope you do it again next year. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  2. gail says:

    Thank you my dear fro organizing the project. I feel honored to be your blogging friend. gail


  3. Darla says:

    What a wonderful thing you did Anna….you will have that special jewel awaiting your precious crown one day!


  4. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    Darling, how wonderful. What a fabulous project. thank you for bringing it to my attention. Happy Thanksgiving 😉


  5. Dear FGG–guess what video my grandchildren will be watching today after school? I hope it makes them feel good to be part of something so big and full of love. How cool to see the headquarters of OCC and see all the truckloads of boxes arriving. It’s powerful. Thank you so much for showing us around the place.

    Thank you too for all your support this year. Today I wrote a thank you blog to my fellow grieving mom bloggers. I didn’t mention you because you’ve been spared the experience of losing a child, but I wanted you to know that you have been a huge source of comfort and encouragement to me this year. I am THANKFUL for you. You
    have been such a lovely encouraging friend.


  6. Catherine says:

    That was really interesting to see. How awesome that they got so much already!


  7. Great project Anna. Thanks for sharing this video so we can see how it all works!


    1. Thank you Shirley. I’ve been trying to change the main picture on the front of that video for hours and it just isn’t happening—isn’t that just the best pose. so typical errrrr. Most unflattering.


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