Motoring right along won’t you join me

I will stop anywhere and ask anyone for a picture. So when this bad boy was parked on the side of the road I yelled for Mr D to come to a screeching halt. We were in Mennonite country where the colors are quiet and subdued and very respectful. We were even acting well behaved.

But rounding the corner and coming bold face on with this rare sassy creature….well…I went in search of a picture. The owner was right there and granted me a few. I don’t have a clue what it is. I’d go wake up Mr D and ask him but then he’d shoot me and I’d never get to give away my 200,000 th visitor surprise.

You’re gonna have go on down to my spam catcher and tell me what I’ve named that widget. I’ve named quite a few of my widgets. And while you are down there searching around, see what number visitor you are to my blog. We aren’t at 200,000 yet. Maybe you’ll be the one. Doesn’t matter. you just have to tell me what I named my spam widget.

There were some technical difficulties with yesterdays theme. WordPress is working on it I hear. I don’t have time to fool with it. It was a neat thing–but I’m really protective of ya’ll and I do realize you are in a hurry to read and move on. So commenting is not something you want to take 10 hrs to do. So I have chosen this nice quick theme. It is quick right? If it’s not, then we will work on that, OK? I do listen to you. I do appreciate you.

The micro theme was easier for me but it wasn’t for you so it’s history—big hugs, ….now leave me a comment or at least a grunt so you can be entered in my celebration anniversary. Thanks so much for being with me through everything I put you though and all the birth pains and toxic struggles in life. I can’t promise there won’t be more.  If you entered yesterday—-I’ll enter you twice today. 😉

You can enter until midnight east coast time November 20th. Tell me what # you are! The  first prize to those who got in under or right at 200,000 are the Harry and David pears. But there just might/probably will be some more good stuff.

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  1. Shoot, I typed too fast. It’s Too much wine with dinner. 😉


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