Will the North Carolina Outer Banks ever…

Will the North Carolina Outer Banks ever be the same?? :(http://www.islandfreepress.org/2009Archives/11.17.2009-STORMUPDATEDOneLaneOfHighway12OpensToAllTraffic.html

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  1. Please visit the link and see more damage. You’ve got to see the areal view and see the houses sitting in the ocean. Is this the end to our Outer Banks?


    1. 5.2 million estimated damage from Hurricane Ida and is there another storm on it’s way?


    2. I just can’t believe this. Worst damage I’ve ever seen. Hats off to Island Free Press for the coverage from beginning to end and keeping folks informed. This will be devastating to the economy for what would normally be a busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Hurricane Ida was not kind to us.

      There are bigger issues here than just storm damage. This is a fragle ecological system with a sound being located close by. A new bridge needs to be built and there will be a battle between environmentalist and locals. Lots to protect and peoples lives and lifestyles to balance. The economy of NC is on the balance as well.

      Not to mention that North Carolina is already struggling financially losing big tobacco, textiles, etc….Tourism is a large employer but if we don’t have clean air, water and the wildlife we are so famous for—there is nothing to come see.


    3. nancybond says:

      Such destruction is always devastating…


      1. I’m just sick about it. Maybe I don’t have this correct. But If I heard that reporter correctly–he said 5.2 million for estimated clean-up and over a billion for reconstruction. I’m assuming that includes a new 17 mile bridge. It’s going to be a mess. It’s already hard to get in and out of the place. And everyone loves to go there. Simply one of NC’s fines attractions. I hate to think what has happened.


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