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  1. Good morning Anna, a real fav pic!!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment today.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia


  2. ok, that’s it for pic posting today. I know I got carried away but this micro blogging is so easy and fun. I hope you’ll enjoy the easy comment feature and it’s lots easier for me to comment back. It’s all done right here on the same page. No switching back and forth. Tomorrow I’ll dig in to my archive of goodies and bring out some photos you’ve not seen. I was going to do that today and then started lovingly touching all these old favorites.


    1. nancybond says:

      Beautiful, Anna! And this showed up just fine via Blotanical. 🙂


      1. oh yea!! goodie…now I’m out the door to visit my local garden center. That should get me in trouble huh?


    2. Phillip (UK) says:

      Fantastic picture. Love that red wheel.


      1. Phillip (UK) says:

        The comments are confusing Anna. They have lost all my details which now have to be re-entered each time. The Reply button is at the bottom of the blog and gives me a msg implying I may loose my comment as I navigate away from the page (you don’t by the way),


        1. Thank you for that feedback which is not good. I will look in to that.


        2. I just contacted the wordpress forums about this problem and they said it’s been popping up all day but is not a normal so I’ll wait this out and see if it continues with this theme. I would not want this for my readers. Thank you for telling me.


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