For 15 minutes, I’ve been listening to someone


trying to break in my back door.

Clanking, rattling, thuds, spitting, hissing,

Forgot I was boiling eggs and nearly ran the pot dry.

Not my house but I did take the picture. It’s from my Wilmington NC collection as are most of cool old houses on my site.

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  1. Hi Anna, a lovely house with a lovely white fence. In the very south of Chile there are houses like this one.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia


    1. A white picket fence is so lovely anywhere isn’t it? Big hugs to you too.


  2. That one scared me, then it made me laugh. You are a clever girl! Glad you are safe and sound and eggs survived as well.


    1. Yes, the egg salad was good. I’m addicted to the stuff. I would bathe in it if it didn’t stink so badly. At first hearing the racket—I just thought Mr D was home for something cause our back door blinds clang when you come and go. Then he never showed up in the living room and I got scared. Then I got brave enough to research why the fool person was taking so long to break in….


  3. cindee says:

    It does happen to the best of us(-: Glad it was the just eggs(-:


    1. I know–eggs right….glad I did not call the cops. They would have just turned off that big old bad stove.


  4. deb says:

    I was haunted by sour dough starter one evening.


    1. I laughed my fool head off at that.


  5. Jared says:

    Reminds me of the time my brother and I heard someone ransacking my aunt’s kitchen (my brother and I were spending a week visiting my cousins). Turned out to be the very clever cats, who had worked themselves into a cabinet filled with pots and pans. I felt kind of dumb the next morning. Glad your intruder was just eggs!


    1. That is hysterical. I can just imagine. This is not at all related but Mr D is quiet as a mouse and scares me half the time. I’m going to put a cow bell around his neck.


  6. What a lovely picture indeed. So was the breaking in sound…. the eggs boiling dry?


    1. Yes, I have a dry sense of humor. Sorry about that.


  7. Darla says:

    Beautiful photo, love the cool color…WHAT? Break in your home? Anna, this will not do, need more information!


    1. It was the eggs boiling. I really did almost boil the eggs dry.


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