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  1. Hi Anna, great job on the video–music, text, everything. I’m awed. I took inspiration from your blog and added a couple of videos, but I’m an utter amateur. My last video was SIDEWAYS! Ack. You got me started blogging, and I’ve been at it a month now. Stop by and see me at http://greenlifeinsocal.wordpress.com.


  2. Adorable autumn video! I can’t wait to see the wreaths you make. I’m sure they will be beautiful! -Jackie


  3. Hi, Anna, your autumn video is charming! Happy Autumn!


  4. Kathleen says:

    How sweet! I hope you had a great Autumn afternoon too Anna. The view from your porch is wonderful ~ all those colors in the background.


  5. Catherine says:

    Happy autumn to you too! We also had a gorgeous fall day today, perfect for raking and cleaning.


  6. A loverly autumn to you dear Anna.~~Dee


  7. Jen says:

    Even for those of us who do get to see fall color (up here in NY it’s becoming grayer by the minute!)it’s just fun to see you “live”, Anna. Hope you had a nice Veteran’s Day!


  8. Hi FGG!! It’s sopping, soaking wet here in VB. Lucky you!


  9. It looks like peak fall color at your place and a beautiful day. I have porch envy.


  10. joey says:

    Delightfully cheery … and to you as well, dear Anna!


  11. You always do such a great job on your videos. I come off looking all snobbing and stuckup and (as my girls say) depressed sounding. I need to take lessons from you!

    Happy autumn yourself!


  12. cindee says:

    Sorry haven’t stopped by for a while. Been sick. Loved seeing all the beautiful pictures!(-:


  13. Gail says:

    Love your porch and the view it offers! happy Autumn Day to you, too. gail


  14. Phillip (UK) says:

    What a lovely video, and a happy Autumn to you, though it feels more like winter here in the UK at the moment.


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