How I came to wear my steel toed shoes, Happy Veteran’s Day

USA and NC State Flags in Wilmington NC

As you see on this government building in Wilmington, North Carolina~~~there are two state flags, that of the United States of America and North Carolina. You can see that the porch ceiling has been properly painted Haint blue which is traditional and scares the ghosts or spirits away. Wouldn’t be a Southern porch without Haint blue. Wouldn’t be the South without a proper salute to Veteran’s Day.

Not a generation in my family has missed serving including me. It wasn’t a hard decision for me to enlist. I’d pretty much been tending to myself for the better part of 15 years of my 16 years in the South. I wasn’t much scared of what was out there. Yes, I enlisted at 16.

Of course I didn’t know the military was going to fit me with a pair of steel toed combat boots. Had I known that, I might of chose to stay home and inherit my father’s furniture business and moonshine habit. Maybe even get better at shifting a 454 and tuning a carburetor back when distributors were attributed to cars and liquor.

In 1976, the Women’s Liberation Movement decided women could fill every shoe a man could including combat boots. Since I had been raised by 3 mechanically gifted  brothers and one moonshine wealthy father~~~ I passed a mechanic Air Force entrance exam with my eyes shut and nose powdered.

But wait~~ just a long paused hound dog minute, the coon is up a tree a long time and nobody realized women have small feet. Here we stood ready to work on generators and airplanes around all this dangerous equipment and hangar shop doors that would slice your toes off before you could blink. So –orders were quickly made and…….somebody made a killing off making little steel toed combat boots and I got me a size 4 mens.

They were cute. They were a spectacle on the flight-line. They were not dainty. They got the job done. By gosh they made a plane fly and they made the engines roar and they made the flag wave and they made the mission go forth—and God Bless America !!!!!! They Made Me Who I am Today~~~~ FREE


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  1. That story was a cute as your steel-toed boots (size 4 really?) What tiny little Cinderella feet you have. Although I already said so on FB, Happy Veteran’s Day to one of my favorites. I just found out from Bear that her kindergarten teacher (she’s no in 5th grade) is a veteran too.~~Dee


  2. Valerie says:

    Wow, great post!

    Thank you for your service to our Country!!!



  3. Heather says:

    That is awesome! Thanks for sharing this. Another surprise to add to my list of Anna Surprises!


  4. Wow!! That was awesome and should be run in every newspaper in the country today. How can we make that happen? Quick, call CNN and tell them I said your post deserves a national reading! So proud of you, FGG in your little steel-toed boots. Proud of my two Navy SEAL son-in-laws and my strong daughters who keep it all together behind the scenes–for their country.
    Over here there’s a standing ovation for you today. I am proud to know you.


  5. Randy says:

    Thank you for your service to our country. Meg’s son is in the Army hoping to get into the special forces.

    We have a blue porch ceiling, but did not know about the spirit chasing when I painted it blue.

    At one point in my life I had an idea to manufacture steel-toed house slippers for those people with wood burning stoves. Ever get up in the middle of the night and drop a log on your foot?


  6. Les says:

    Happy Veteran’s Day to you Anna, and thank you for your service.


  7. Jan says:

    A great big thanks to all veterans who sacrificed to protect us.

    Always Growing


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