Operation Christmas Child Garden Blogger half way report

Flowergardengirl's Shopping Cart

Pictures from this weekend showing the cart is filled with fun treasures for the little kid’s boxes for our Garden Blogger’s Operation Christmas Child.<—–Follow the link and you can sign up like many of your friends who are listed on the link and on my sidebar under the widget for Garden Bloggers Operation Christmas Child ———>

(so sorry for some of the picture quality as I dropped my camera and damaged the shutter while shopping.)

Basket full of Garden Blogger's generosity!!!

Several weeks ago, Garden Bloggers Operation Christmas Child kicked off. Proven Winners Plants is our sponsor and they have graciously started us off with $300.  The money donated is being used to buy items that will fill a shoe box. The shoe boxes will be given to children all over the world through the Samaritan’s Purse Ministries.

Shopping for Operation Christmas Child

My best friend, Jo, has been doing these boxes for 20 years.  This past weekend she came up to visit me and we took the first 500 dollars that you donated and went to Walmart. Everyone at Walmart got in the action. The workers were pointing us to all the sales wanting to know about the project.

The department heads were showing where the good deals were. I wish you all could of been there. Your dollars were multiplied. Plus Jo is like the queen of Walmart shoppers. She can turn a dollar in to 10.

Shopping for Operation Christmas Child

The shoppers were eyeing our cart asking if we were shopping for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child–so I would hand them one of my business cards for my blog–and tell them about you garden bloggers–and then tell them about our mission. Operation Christmas Child is a big story in our part of the South so most people know about it.

Flowergardengirl for Operation Christmas Child

We got each child a little Christmas stocking and it will be filled with candy and put in the little shoe box. Anyone want to just pull right up here and cry with me. Ya’ll figured out yet I’m an emotional mess by now shopping for all these precious kids? Anyone figure out to send your kid to my door for fundraisers?

Jo’s husband is the pastor of a Methodist church and the ladies of the church are helping to put the boxes together for us. The tops and bottoms of the boxes have to be wrapped individually so this will be a huge help. You all are still giving so there is no telling how many boxes this could be when all is said and done–thank you to the ladies of the church for your help!!!!

To give you the big picture—Each shoe box is pre-wrapped and stuffed with the items we are buying and marked boy or girl and the age of the items inside. We bought for all age groups so no one would be left out. Today–we bought enough stuff for approximately 20 boxes. Course—you all aren’t done giving right?

This is bad...but hey, the camera is broke.

( oh gosh, so sorry that is bad–my sweet Kodak Z612 was so awesome. I’m gonna miss it. I met the nicest lady to take this picture. She’ll be disappointed it turned out like this. She was coming by to see the project.)

When we got to the check-out line…..we got in multiple conversations with people who just had to know the whole story about the garden bloggers. They were helping us look for items we particularly wanted such as Tinkerbell chapstick. I didn’t want the little girls to have regular old ugly chapstick. I wanted the kids all over the world to have what every little kid in every home wants.

We got miniture coloring books, crayons, stencils, bead kits, calculators, designer t-shirts( they roll up easily), socks, candy, match box cars, Rubix cubes, matrix puzzles, powder, toothbursh, hairbrush, dolls, toy motorcycles, Legos, plastic dress up dolls, Tyco push trucks, felt landscapes, Nerf balls, high bounce balls–and the list goes on.

Only the best for the kids! We aren’t done giving folks!!!!!!!!!! Keep on giving till November 20th!!!!! I can keep on if you can!!!

We’ve raised $710 toward our $2,000 goal. The first annual Garden Blogger’s Operation Christmas Child will end on November 20th but shopping started this past Thursday and will go all the way to the 21st and we’ll turn the boxes in to Samaritan’s Purse ministries on November 23. There is still plenty of time to give

Tomorrow’s update is my friend’s trip to South Dakota where some of the Operation Christmas Child boxes where given out last year. That will help you visualize some of the giving process.

If you want to give right now and read the first post go HERE to OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD Donations with your credit card are taken at Flowergardengirl.org

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Greetings and blessings from Switzerland. We`re packing too!
    Best wishes
    Team OCC Switzerland


  2. gina says:

    I love the pictures! You guys did so good. SO many kids will be blessed thanks to your willing and giving hearts. love Ya bunches!
    Hey Ginababes!!!! Big hugs!!! Ya’ll, this is my sweet daughter-in-law!!! I love you too.


  3. Gail says:

    Thanks for taking us along! I am sooooo excited and thankful that you organized us so well! xxxgail ps Tinkerbell chapstick! Who knew!


  4. Amazing!! Inspiring. Wanted you to know that we received over $5300 for epilepsy this past couple weeks. Thanks for being part of that, FGG. Hugs to you for spreading sunshine everywhere you go.


  5. This is wonderful, Anna! So glad you’re doing this and having fun, at the same time;-)


  6. Thank you all so very much….keep giving and I do appreciate it. I’m documenting every detail. I might have to buy the little disposable digital cameras…but I’ll not miss a moment.

    I do have an email in to Canon to see if they will sponsor the event and send me a replacement???? I hope, I hope!!!!

    Kodak responded and said no. All the photos that you guys have seen on this blog for the last two years were from my Kodak Z612. It was a good camera. I’ll miss it.


  7. Catherine says:

    I bet you had such a blast doing the shopping! I hope you make that goal, there will be many happy kids because of your generous idea.


  8. Good morning Anna, it´s so wonderful to see how many children will be very happy receiving their christmas presents… what a great job you do!!
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia


  9. Racquel says:

    What a wonderful project to be involved in Anna. It makes my heart warm to think of all the happy faces on Christmas morning. 🙂


  10. Rose says:

    This is so wonderful! Hope you found the Tinkerbell chapstick; the little girls will love that. And do hope your camera is okay!


  11. Les says:

    One of my co-workers has been doing this for years with his church. My son and I have made filling a shoe box part of our pre-Christmas rituals for several years now. Keep up the good work!


  12. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    I’ve just finished buying for my Christmas present list and found your post Anna- how could I not donate. Brava to you and all the others involved in this.


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