Snow Princess™ Lobularia hybrid Sweet Alyssum, Must Have


Incredible is all you can say about ‘Snow Princess’ Lobularia hybrid sweet alyssum. I grew it in containers and in the ground this summer and watching the never ending display of fluffy white blooms was absolutely satisfying. I thought you might like to see the photos from the Proven Winners site. Please enjoy!

You’ve all seen my gardens so let’s go look at some others around the Proven Winners’ world. All photos are used with permission from PW. You may not use these pictures without written consent from Proven Winners Plants.

Snow Princess, lobularia

Unlike most alyssums that fizzle out in the southern heat, ‘Snow Princess’ held up beyond measure. She’s on my list now appearing on a page at the top of my blog—-called***FGG’s FAV Annuals which is under construction.

'Snow Princess' lobularia

This is one of the most stunning landscapes I’ve seen don’t you think? Bravo Proven Winners. I can name all their NEW VARIETIES in there? Can you? I see—Yep, I’ve grown everything in the picture above and it will look like that–now if I could just remember to put it together in that order!!

We had a frost last night which certainly took out most of my surviving annuals but ‘Snow Princess’ lobularia greeted me this morning still going strong. I just had to tell you about it. Girlfriends gotta share you know. And as promised, I told you I’d get the word out about the 2010’s before the nurseries finished ordering them so you could put your request in. Go tell them you want ‘Snow Princess”


This plant is very thirsty and hungry. You might need to water it twice a day. It will recover from a dry spell but I’d keep it on the moist side. I’d feed it once a week and give it plenty of pot room. I’m betting the one in the head above got a weak feeding every time it was watered and was probably watered at least twice a day if not hooked up to a slow drip system.

Good luck with your ‘Snow Princess’ . She sure looks worth it huh?

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  1. Racquel says:

    What a striking hairdo it makes for the statuary head. 🙂


  2. commonweeder says:

    Anna – I’ve barely put the garden to bed, and here come the suggestions for next year. How wonderful! Proven winners have proven themselves in my garden so I am always eager to see what’s next.


  3. Gail says:

    It’s beautiful and would have almost survived on it’s own with the rain we had this summer/fall! Sweet Alyssum attracts predatory wasps….so it would be a great plant for the vegetable garden~~gardeners might not mind watering it there! gail


  4. Jen says:

    These are some of my favorite smelling flowers. Love the idea of using them as “hair” and I happen to have a head-shaped container. But the face is a man with a mustache and I’m almost afraid alyssium is too feminine for him. My friend planted this under eggplant and it looked amazing next to the black fruits.


  5. The opposite of your previous post, but spectacular in its own way. Lovely, soft, lacy–the perfect flowerbed fringe. I love your pictures and esp. the statue with the lobelia hair. Just beautiful, as usual.

    And thanks again for sponsoring our family on the epilepsy walk. We are so touched and deeply appreciate you joining with us. We feel very supported by so many, and hope we can make a difference for other families. I just love you, FGG.
    Love you right back~~ I am away for a few days at a woman’s conference so will be away from my computer. Big hugs as you walk for the epilepsy cure! Hoping the pledged dollars work toward great strides in progress as you both meet the goal of the walk and the cure.


    1. oops, that’s lobularia, not lobelia!


  6. Hi Anna

    Great pics.

    I grow a basic white Alyssum. It seeds itself around and pops up all over during summer.


  7. Betty Eshenour says:

    Boy, that Lady’s head planter is certainly a conversation piece! Where are those gardens? Does the “Snow Princess “alyssum have to grow in a container or can it be used in the front of the border? I was thinking of using it like that in 2010. The PW Supertunia Vista Bubble Gum pink petunias did outstanding for me this year and they will be on my Wish list again for 2010 along with the lavender Supertunia, and I like Tuscan Sun and that Burgundy verbena that keeps flashing on website. Is that Tuscan Sun in the Rudbeckia family or coreopsis?


  8. Hello Anna, here were I live, Los Andes mountains in the very south of southamerica, Allysums go very well, spread all over but in my garden I have only potted ones, doing pretty well.
    These gardens are so beautiful and right away I´m going to try allysums direct on the yard. Thank you very much.
    María Cecilia


  9. Darla says:

    Since I am a HUGE fan of alyssum, I will be asking around for this one!! Thanks and I CAN HARDLY wait to see your favorite annuals…………..


  10. Phillip (UK) says:

    Wow. What great, great gardens and I truly love that Alyssum. Thanks.


  11. Randy says:


    It sure does make the garden look wonderful, but watering it “twice” a day does not work here in the NC Piedmont. Watering the veggies in the garden is hard enough. Does this plant attract butterflies??
    I’m here in the NC Piedmont too and it’s a pain to water twice a day, I agree and that’s why I am honest about such things. I have several boggy areas that this loves and that works better for me than in containers. You will like the next plant I’m featuring which is a nierembergia cultivar I’ve already written about. That was a drought tolerant work horse. I don’t know about attracting butterflies. I have a lot of butterflies in my garden and there were some on it but not not like were on my milkweeds.


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