Meet ‘Pretty Much Picasso’, the new 2010 outrageous annual


update July 24th—after trying this plant in my garden—it did not make it. It shriveled up and died. I do take excellent care of my flowers so this had a fair chance as my other petunias are doing grandly. I can not in good faith recommend this plant. I also received emails from several folks who reported the same happening to theirs as well. It did not have a disease so I have no clue what caused it to die.

Original message—Take a look at the new 2010 outrageous annual that is going to take seasonal gardeners to another level. Lots a wow coming at you with ‘Pretty Much Picasso’. He’s a Proven Winners Plants variety of course. Don’t be shocked when I tell you that my order totals 40! That’s right…..

Pretty Much Picasso by Proven Winners

I’m going to use it in pots with other taller plants that I’ll introduce over the coming days which are also new 2010 varieties. Two are new Ipomoes and one is a new papyrus. Such exciting things going on. So much to tell about that I might not get it all in before Spring planting. Goodness!

Pretty Much Picasso

And in my garden one of the most important features would be that DEER do not eat them! I did not recieve one of these to trial in my garden this year but I’ve trialed so many PW petunias that it’s just a no brainer on this. I’m sold on the color. I’m guessing they will cost around $5 each for a 5″ pot which some people stroke over but out of that I get a healthy 3+ foot plant from May-November with proper soil prep and feeding schedule. You don’t have to removed spent blooms. I can’t find a better deal than that. My six packs won’t do that.

Proven Winner Cultivars are super athlete plants. They must be planted in good soil and they are heavy feeders needing weekly or bi-monthly liquid food and slow release is what I recommend. That was very evident this summer when my neighbor didn’t follow my instructions and the exact same plants as were in my garden grew to half the height and width.

Also, I’ve sold him on the idea of adopting my garden soil prep habits which you can read about HERE. <——If you follow my soil routine…’ll rarely have pest and disease problems and you’ll have beautiful plants. It’s that mushroom compost that’s the best ingredient.

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  1. Lillian says:

    Stunning and gorgeous. I saw it at a local Garden Show and wondering why I have not seen it at the many nurseries that I visit. The lime green edge is unique and spectacular. Thanks for bringing it to our attention on your website.


  2. diane says:

    Saw this petunia while vacationing in Newbury,Massachusetts, at a garden center and stopped dead in my tracks. As a Master Gardener I’m not easily impressed and I had to have it. Purchased a container with white alyssum intermixed. In my zeal to pick the nicest one, I failed to notice it was loaded with aphids. Sprayed with soap water and have used pesticide and hope it will do the trick. The weather is to hot to spray now so I hope I got them all.


  3. Thank you Anna so much for writing about Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso. Your readers can find more information out on our website at and after all of you have grown it next spring make sure to rate it on our website, which is a new feature. Also I would recommend to all that are in love with this plant to call your favorite garden centers now to put in your requests so they have this variety for you come spring. Fan us on or follow us on

    Take care


  4. Racquel says:

    I saw this fabulous new petunia selection in my Horticulture mag this month. What a fun new color combo! 🙂


  5. Betty Eshenour says:

    Be thinking of what other PW plant would look nice in a big containier with that petunia..although it could be just beautiful and a conversation piece all on its own. PW publishes this fantastic Idea book that is Free each year with loads of colored pictures of their plants. People only need to call or go on PW website for the Idea book to be mailed to them. It will make your job easier.


  6. Betty Eshenour says:

    Well, another PW goes on my Wish List for 2010..The burgundy pot goes perfect with it. I spent about 3 hrs. last night looking through back issues of GardenGateMagazine, plus 3 books that I’d ordered about a month ago and hadn’t had a chance to sit down and thoroughly look/read them. One had a CD in it and even though I knew most of what it was about, I did pick up a few new tips. I have been subscribing to Garden Gate magazine for many,many years and am never disappointed when each issue arrives in the mail. They have the best books for only $9.95 each. Check out their website..will make nice Christmas or Birthday gifts for the flower gardener on your list. Do you have an Etsy store? Hey, there’s another use of Copper Top Cottage..”the saw dust is flying!” Lol!


  7. Pretty much spectacular! Love those! What a color!


  8. Diana says:

    That’s an amazing color for sure. And I can’t believe that the deer don’t eat yours. I stick to snaps — they seem to be the only annual that’s safe around my deer. That and Dianthus.


  9. When I saw these, I was shocked and intrigued. Wonder how they will fit into my garden. Oh, where can I put one or three?~~Dee


  10. Phillip (UK) says:

    Fantastic introduction. Going to be a real stunner.


  11. Catherine says:

    I love the color of these! I had some that had a similar look to them this summer, but I can’t remember what they were called. Hope I see these at a nursery here.


  12. Sweet Bay says:

    That is outrageous! The lime green and purple look great together.
    Yes, thank you PW, the sweet folks I do container arrangements for–are gonna love it.


  13. Gail says:

    We have two decent garden centers here and neither have sold the PW plants I love…I might have to make a trip to find them! I really like this one and generally am not a petunia person. The other not to be found in nashville was Cleome “Senorita Rosalita”. What a bummer;) gail
    I want to open up a garden center but then I’m not willing to make gambles on what will sell and work my butt off anymore. Consumers just don’t know what to ask for and they get in a rut so the nursery owners play it safe and stay with what consumers know. Last year I saw one nursery stuck with ‘Senorita Rosalta’ cause no one knew what it was. That’s an expensive plant for a nursery to write off.

    So Flowergardengirl is trying to get the word out early this year. I hope it will do some good. But they are doing their ordering now so everyone needs to ask. My garden center is ordering this week.


  14. Kathleen says:

    That is one fabulous petunia Anna and I don’t generally like them much. The pink rimmed in lime green is a great combo tho.
    I fell in love with it asap. I’ve got clients saying —you gotta get me this! Well I sure hope I can.


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