The digital random thoughts of Flowergardengirl for Copper Top Cottage

When Flowergardengirl was considering the colors for Copper Top Cottage she thought of her favorite colors of fall and paired them~~~with ~~ this of all things–

Copper Top Spinning

~~ a rotating egg~~The above image actually spins on her computer and was created in Gimp using photos from the scenes from her back yard but WordPress will not allow that application and too bad for you~~~~Autumn is her favorite time of year. The image above allows her to look at the colors against the teal from every angle. Teal is the color of her Copper Top Cottage.

Soon the lace curtains will go up and all the treasures she’s been gathering for 50 years will purposefully be placed in every nook and cranny of her little shed. As I’m reading this back to her she’s saying this is getting way too quaint like and intense so and I should lighten the mood a bit. She says that although there’s a cute quiet side to her , she’s also a riot and that sometimes she wears her Tuesday underwear on Friday.

Copper Top Cottage will be filled with hopes of rows to hoe and gardeners to know. There will be a comfy reading chair by the stained glass window that was purchased at a salvage yard and always a red geranium in one of the windows which has nothing at all to do with the colors she has carefully planned for the space. But red  geraniums were her grandmother’s favorite and so it shall be.

Natural Splendor Biltmore Estate, ‘Hidden Spring’Color  for my ShedThe paint selection for the outside is in the  Natural Splendor line called Biltmore Estate: She’s loving the name  which is~~~‘Hidden Spring’  by Olympic Paint and is talked about in an article she wrote about HERE. One of her favorite color palettes is that of teal, deep peachy orange, and deep golden burnt umber. You can only find that in her back yard during Autumn ;). Right! Or does this happen in your yard too?

I'm thinking it's Pinky Winky but might be Quick Fire as it wasn't labeled And she never buys a plant without considering it’s aged beauty. And she would never marry a man without considering his retirement plan.

Alaska Nasturtiums

Alaska nasturtiums are considered a bit hard to grow but they do well  in her front beds as there has never been any grown in her back beds. They love this time of year. They like the cool weather  unlike most nasturtiums which would rather see long hot sunny days I suppose~~ do you suppose?. Flowergardengirl likes the speckled leaves of the Alaska variety. She likes any speckled leaves.

Today is the first day of November and it’s so gloriously chilly. Flowergardengirl’s home is filled with biscuit breezes and the aroma of a roast in the oven. Would you like to see the leaves that have fallen and her roast in the oven? And will you please watch her later on tonight at Garden World Report. She’d appreciate it.

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  1. joey says:

    I’m lovin’ your videos, Anna! You’re a natural in front of the camera … (is this your secret recipe for keeping Mr. D at home 🙂


  2. I also consider the colors of a plant as it fades in deciding whether to plant it. In a small garden, each plant has to provide the best show possible for as long as possible, and even when the flowers are gone, the foliage continues to provide beauty.
    I like the colors you’ve chosen for the Coppertop Cottage. I know you named it for the roof, but I like to think that it also refers to your boundless energy, like the battery.


  3. Hello Anna, I´m so happy I found your so, so wonderful blog, I have been loving each and every post you have made, everything in your pictures is so beautiful, as well as the images themselves.
    I had a great time browsing through your posts and knowing the many gifts you have.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia, from Chile, southamerica


  4. meghan says:

    love, love, love this post! i wish we were neighbors, my honey would love that roast!!
    Yea! We had left-overs for lunch. I bet my neighbors think Mr D gets lots of action cause he comes home every day for lunch. If you came home to roast….wouldn’t you?


    1. meghan says:

      too funny!


    2. Gail Morris says:

      We have been wonderin’ about that!!!! ha ha ha …the roast looks wonderful .. our kind of cookin!!


  5. Les says:

    I just had to say how much I like your accent. If I did not know it already, it would be easy to tell you were from NC. It was more apparent while you were in your kitchen cooking then when you narrated the tour of Elizabeth Lawrence’s garden. Don’t go changin’.
    When I was doing Eliz, I was wearing my educated hat… kitchen is my kerchief. Big sloppy kisses Les!


  6. Too cute–almost like an instant visit to an old friend. Keep up the videos–they are so enjoyable!! And Wow! Like JLo, you are a multi-talented lady–a Triple Threat: gardening, cooking and techie-power. Impressive! (and actually not too threatening!)
    Awww, I love that you said that. Like an old friend…….that’s beautiful.

    JLo…oh man…can I have her tush…oh please God—give me her tush? …..maybe tiny bit of her talents?….or leading role in one of her movies?….


    1. Gail Morris says:

      Girlfriend, you got a whole lot more on the ball than JLo!!!


  7. daricia says:

    ohhh i am loving copper top cottage now that i finally figured out what it is! i was thinking it was a bit of nc history i missed. 😉 your blog is such a feast for the eyes – what great photos. re: nasturtiums, they all seem to like cooler weather from what i can tell and the alaskas have a tendency to lose variegation in my garden, but i LOVE those flowers! i can’t look at them without feeling happy.
    Well thank you so much! I love that you come by. Funny you just now figuring out Copper Top–it’s a glorious place isn’t it? I’m going to plant a plenty of nasturtiums next season. They are so happy.


  8. Jen says:

    You’ve inspired me to get a roast tonight, Anna. I haven’t cooked one since March (oops) (I think I’d rather do that than rake leaves, though that’s on my list, too!) I like to make brisket in the crock pot with “mop sauce”- it’s like a cowboy bbq sauce that has coffee as one of its ingredients. Enjoyed my visit with you today!
    I enjoyed you being here! I’ve had that cowboy recipe. It’s delicious. My momma once fixed a cake and the icing called for coffee. She thought it meant the crystals when it meant liquid. But my dad said it was the best ever. Some things are good especially when from the heart.


  9. Darla says:

    Your collage, mosaic, whatever is so pretty Anna…I can’t wait for you to decorate Coppertop Cottage, you have such great ideas I just know it will be adorable. Yummy, I could almost smell that roast!
    I saved you some left-overs. They are just as good if not better the second day right? I can’t wait to move in Copper Top too.


  10. Hi Anna,
    Sorry you couldn’t watch the GWReport show before bed. It is 2 AM and I just finished the edit from this morning. (Worked straight through from after taping!)

    Now you can wake up to the GWReport on Monday morning. You did a wonderful job. Enjoy.

    tell all your friends!
    I’ve done those 24 hr stretches and they are so much fun huh? The good thing is that GWR is on 24 hours a day so we’ll catch it when the techno difficulties get worked out. We know it’s not your fault. The folks at Livestream are mostly likely pulling their hair out too. We’ll hang in there with you cause you are worth it—well I am too 😉


  11. Betty Eshenour says:

    What time do you and Mr. D have dinner? I’ll be right over; I’ll even make a dessert to it a deal? Can’t wait till Spring when you get some flowers planted around the perimeter of looks so small and lonely without any flowers around it but I know your mind is running into overtime planning what you will plant around it. I noticed Mr. D had to lift that dutch oven for you or the frying pan. That’s why I don’t have that brand of cookware. Still have the Copper Bottom Revereware, now for 45 plus years. Used to keep them shined up all the time but not anymore. Can’t wait to see the CTC inside when you get all your “stuff” in there. Guess the next project is getting the brick patio installed out front? I bet you’ve got that all sketched out how you want it. Oh, I picture a new project for Mr. D! Where do you put the ground up leaf mulch? Watch for poison ivy among those leeaves. That happened to me one year from the FREE city mulch. Do you work it in your flower beds or just use it as a topping? A lot of Southerners use pine straw, especially around the coast line where they don’t get snow.
    Good for you keeping those pots for such a long time. I started off with not such a good brand and it bit the dust a long time ago. These are keepers.

    I only top dress with the mulch. You read on my sidebar—Why mushroom compost works for my whole regime. I will be careful about the poison ivy.

    I don’t use pine straw cause I need the composting debris to enrich my soil. Pine straw would offer me very little value. . I might use some around the acid loving plants like azaleas.

    I can’t wait to fix up Copper Top. I’ll prolly move in down there and let guest stay in the big house up here.


  12. Janie says:

    I cook for several days too. That way, I always have something ready to put on the table in a short amount of time.

    What are you going to do with your little Copper Top Cottage when you have it done?

    I have been talking to my Darling about such a little cottage…
    I’m going to live in it and rent my house out to a non-gardener 😉 Well, my Mr D might not like that but I would. I’m gonna use it for birdhouse making and store up treasures in there. It’s a big old glorified playhouse for me. Debra Prinzing the author of Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways puts it best and her book is one of my inspiration pieces. I write about in one of my post on Copper Top Cottage. You can follow along under the category , My Shed.


  13. Gail says:

    Anna, That was sweet! Loved it~~You and Mr D have too much fun;) gail
    OH good. It’s the real us after 31 years of good fits and all. We’ve got the kinks worked out pretty good. If he starts acting up now, he’ll have to sing to an empty audience. I’m in the garden.


  14. I’ve never seen one of your videos before. You are so cute! You really come across as so nice and friendly. Boy would I love a good roast. I definitely need to make one soon for us. I’ve been wanting one of those dutch oven forever. It’s on my Christmas list…. I hope hubby is reading it. LOL -Jackie
    I am slowly collecting the Le Creuset Take a look at this cute new Honey Pot But I want the whole set and just give me an assortment of color!

    I only get ill when I run out of tea.


  15. cindee says:

    What beautiful fall colors there! Wow I bet you sit and stare at them all day(-: I know I would. I absolutely love Fall and all the colors and smells!!!!
    Yes, the number one reason I moved back home after our AF yeas was to see THIS! I almost live more for it than the flower gardens. Almost. I knew you liked the same stuff as me 😉


  16. Oh Mrs B! I loved your video post. I wish I had a good pot roast meal and a Mr with a good retirement plan!

    I too put out compost and leaves and then go buy them the next spring from the Recycling Centre. Isn’t it great to recycle in that way.
    Ok so the Mr thing~~~, if he can lift those Le Cruset pots he’s a keeper. That large skillet needs a crane.

    Our town compost and the it is free to those who live in the city limits. I’m fixing to go get my Autumn layer. I’ll get some in Spring too.


  17. That looks good. Bet it smells good, too. What time should we all be over to eat?
    You can come anytime cause I make enough for several days. It does smell good. I am in the mood to make an apple pie.


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