The Seed Pods Of Gymphocarpus Physocarpus


Asclepias Monkey Balls or Fur Balls Plant

This is a riot of activity. I’ve done many a post about this Monkey Balls or Fur Balls plant that continues to drive curious folks to my blog. Some have even emailed me for seeds. At first, I was sending them over to Thompson and Morgan where I had purchased them but after reading a bit about them I’m hesitant.

I have reported they are poisonous to humans and animals. And in the same report I’ve given links to the medicinal value. But more recently it’s been brought to my attention that they are not welcome in our plains region because the range animals will eat them. So I have chosen to gather the seed pods and discontinue their lineage. Farewell my friends. I enjoyed the journey.

And what have I been up to——–!!!!!! The fans of Flowergardengirl can****** Watch me Sunday night on a show called ‘The Plantanista’—at  Garden World Report It always airs West Coast Time on Sunday evening around 9ish  so I usually watch it on Monday. Ya’ll tune in November 1st with Shirley Bovshow the host.  I’m talking about a certain garden thing I have an obsession about. Shirley Bovshow from Eden Makers Blog is the host and she’s always been my buddy. She’s really making a go of this online TV and ironing out the technical details. Last week was an interesting show about the Gen Y’ers.

( It is looking—hopefully—like we are on our way to reaching goal for our Operation Christmas Child for Garden Bloggers so please head over and give!!!! Thank you to everyone who is posting the widget! )

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  1. RobinL says:

    I was looking forward to growing this one myself next year, but maybe not!


  2. Catherine says:

    Too bad this is your last year with it, sounds like you’re doing the responsible thing though. It is a really neat looking seed pod.


  3. It’s too bad about the plant, but it’s good you’re being responsible. I love the new header.


    1. Thank you and it was time for a change. I like to do that very often. I’m bummed about the plant but that’s ok and I’ll find something new and exciting for next year.


  4. Jen says:

    Sounds like you are doing the responsible thing with those seeds Anna (and they do look just like milkweed!) You don’t want to inadvertantly poison any wildlife! I hope to catch the Plantanista show.


    1. Well it was fun while it lasted. A good layer of mulch is going to take care of the seeds I missed. They haven’t drifted too much in the wind cause they are so darn heavy and it’s not very windy this time of year. Certainly not windy enough to carry it from NC to our mid-western states. The Monarch butterflies were nuts about them and were still on them all the way to last week.


  5. PS: I like you newest blog header too! Can’t wait to see what it will look like tomorrow;-)


  6. HmmMmm (clears throat)…I knew you couldn’t wait until you cleared your hoped-for amount of $$$!! You can’t stop writing and posting, Anna! That’s a good thing–we love your posts. I really have no idea how you do it…and do SO MUCH of everything else, as well!! You’re amazing:-) Now, do you think I visit enough to make it onto your ‘Folks Who Visit Often’ category??!!!!


    1. What really did it for me was seeing the numbers drop off on traffic to the site. I over estimated the popularity of the fundraiser and and had to get off my high horse and do something about it like beg people to come back and I’ll go back to writing and posting pictures so there will be people come by—so there will be folks come to donate. You are never quite sure what is the right thing to do with a blog. My woolly worm post was keeping the blog afloat but folks were getting tired of reading about the worm.

      You are so right about earning your place of honor on the regular list and have been duly moved. I just dusted off my blogroll yesterday and took off some items that weren’t being used and deleted some pictures that were making my blog load slowly. Thanks for the comment about the new look—and you are funny–of course it might change in a day–week–minute. You just never know what might hit me.


  7. My grandmother used to grow monkey Balls or what we used to call swan plants. As kids we used to pick them and float them in a dish of water. They do kinda’ look like little swans when you leave the stems on.


    1. I’m glad to finally get that explained to me. I had heard them called swans but couldn’t make the connection. Thanks.


  8. Gail says:

    I first saw these growing at Blithewold and thought they were too funny. Look at those perfect seeds ready to take off and plant themselves everywhere…so very like its cousin milkweed. Have a fun Holiday. gail


    1. I’m dissappointed it’s not going to be in my garden next year or at least I don’t think it is. I’ve had fun with it on my blog.


  9. Yeah, that seed pod looks like an alien that might take over the planet. Just as well to say goodbye before you innocently wreak havoc by promoting bad seeds! Haha!

    I love that you are making such progress with the Christmas child project. It is very exciting to be a part of it. ( I will also try one more time on the widget. I know you worked hard on it.)You’re such a good sunshine spreader, FGG. You certainly brighten my day.


    1. It’s been pretty in every stage. I love seeing how the dainty seeds are hanging on all the other plants. I’m know there will be a few transplants but let’s not let this get out of hand.

      Yes, I’m loving OCC and really hope we exceed our goal. So very good that you were the first to give.


  10. Darla says:

    Out it goes!!! You are one busy lady!


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