Meet a delightful local NC artist, Gail Morris

Gail Morris NC Artist

I fist met Gail while I was trespassing on her front lawn and taking pictures of her flaming red tulips. You may remember that I wrote about it HERE. She caught me on her way out to check her mail and I’m so very glad she did. Now we’ve struck up a friendship.  She has one of those personalities that you want to hold dear to your heart and not let go.

( You do not have permission to copy these pictures for any use.)

Gail Morris mtn and window 003

As you can see, Gail Morris is an incredibly talented lady. Sometimes, she likes to paint my flowers( those aren’t mine above) and often uses them as models for some of her paintings. I love that she does. Big hugs Gail.gail morris bass and pumpkins

Gail  is a native North Carolinian just like myself and I’d like to take you with me to her canvas where she colors North Carolina from her home located just across the street from mine. I’m the lucky one. It turns out Gail is a very gifted painter. And….her husband’s parents were long time friends with my family for as long as the smoke trails from chimney peak to chimney peak.

gail morris bass4 001

Gail has two sons and two grandchildren. She has always loved art and at the age of six she painted porcelain pieces under the tutelage of an aunt. Her parents encouraged her artistic talent and enrolled her in art classes at the Reynolda House and the Arts Council.

gail morris abbotsford 003

Her First juried piece was in the first grade…She won first place with a drawing of a little pig-tailed girl in a swing.

Gail Morris little girl jonguils

Gail attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro ,majoring in business. Her job was wife and mother until she began working at Wake Forest University Health Sciences in the Departmento fo Neurosurgery and retired in December of 2007 after 28 years of service.

Gail Morris English Cottage

Shortly before retirement, she enrolled in art classes at Salem College and studied with Vicky Verano and has continued to study with other local artist such as Judy Meyler, Molly Davis, Sean Dye, Patty Bailey Sheets, Sharon Grubbs, Frank Rowland and many more. ( webpages added by and not the responsibility of Gail Morris. should there be a need for adjustments or any corrections please contact me via the information provided on this website. Thank you~ Anna~ and a warm welcome to my website if you have arrived by one of these links!)

Gail Morris Blue Pitcher

Gail Morris is a member of the Muddy River Art Association and the Associated Artists of Winston Salem. She paints landscapes, figures, still life, home and pet portraits.


Simply stated, I LOVE to paint! Art is a pure joy for me. To express myself in color, light and shadow, brightness and contrast, brings me a deep sense of satisfaction. Capturing special memories of place, person, or a beloved pet brings a unique pleasure to others and is very rewarding to me.

Each time I begin a new canvas is an adventure – from the initial sketch to the finished painting. It begins as an empty canvas, a puzzle beckoning to be solved – the brush in my hand, feeling the flow of the paint and seeing colors mingle, observing light and shadows forming on the canvas make my paintings personal. Becoming totally immersed in my painting with no sense of time passing by makes me feel that part of my soul is being expressed in my paintings. This is deeply satisfying.

~~~~~~~~If you would like to contact Gail, please use the contact button at the top of my blog, your comment will not appear publicly. It will go directly to my inbox. I will forward the message to her. ~~~~~~

15 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Anna

    She’s good isn’t she!


  2. Sweet Bay says:

    I love her use of color and reflection in her paintings.


  3. Melissa says:

    Thank you again Anna for showing some of Gail’s works. Of course, I feel the most honored of all because I have the pleasure of painting with Gail! It is wonderful to see these paintings unfold. Gail has such a gift for being able to know exactly where to “touch” the canvas to make it pop!


  4. linda says:

    What beautiful paintings Anna! Thank you for sharing Gail’s work with us.


  5. Catherine says:

    What beautiful paintings! How lucky to have such a talented person as your neighbor and friend.


  6. Jean says:

    Wonderful work! It’s terrific to have friends who are artists, especially when they let you use their art on the blog. I can hardly wait for Christmas to display Vivian’s Santa and Judy’s Floral artistry.


    1. I am grateful that Gail allowed me to feature her work. The artists Gail associates with are people of the highest caliber. They are North Carolina’s finest. She is well thought of in the Southeast.


  7. Judy Meyler says:

    Gail is a very special friend of mine. I’m so glad to see her lovely paintings posted. I know how happy creating art makes her, Gail’s beautiful spirit is depicted in each of her lovely paintings.


    1. This is quite an honor to have you stop by. I very much enjoyed visiting your site and would like to do an interview with you sometime. I’m just nuts about anything NC. I see you’ve done some paintings of the North Carolina’s Land Conservancy regions and would love to know more about that.

      Beautiful Gallery! Winter Light Gallery Gallery


  8. I love that blue pitcher and apples…such colors! She is a talented lady and I bet you two appreciate a lot of the same things. Very nice to have a friend like that.


    1. That Gail is always emailing the neatest things going on in the area so I very much appreciate her tips on so many things. I have a good amount of NC writing material just from the people she knows. I’m itching to get at it. She has good connections in my beloved Old Salem and I am surely gonna follow up with that.

      And there is more to know about Gail. She has some pretty gardens and she’s redoing her front porch. I’ve just gotta get pictures of that.


  9. Peggy says:

    Thank you for sharing your friend’s paintings Anna, beautiful colours and subjects that draw you in.


    1. She needs to know you came all the way from Ireland to see her lovely work. Big hugs to you Peggy as I haven’t seen you in awhile. Gail is beautiful inside and out just like you.


  10. daricia says:

    enjoyed “meeting” your neighbor the artist. what wonderful paintings she does – really charming.


    1. Gail and I are across from each other and so very delightful to have her as a friend and neighbor. She is well respected in the community.


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