You ask, so of course I tell! and, a peak at Copper Top


FlowergardengirlThis is just real ya’ll so listen up—She’s 51? I get that a lot and it’s nice to hear it ask as a question. I know some of how you look is in how you act but a lot is in the daily care of your skin. I got the best advice of my life 30 years ago from a very harsh and abrasive dermatologist. I could hug his neck today but at the time I wanted to hand him over to my three big brothers.

He had me under one of those examining lights and was criticizing all 20 years of my life in the sun. I was told to wear sunscreen and then given the list I’ve included below for you. It was the way he delivered the message that I didn’t like. He acted like I was out to destroy my skin on purpose. So I suppose at 20, I was. Wish I could remember who he was. Funny that I took him seriously huh?

Thank you for all the nice kudos about my family in the previous post. They read my blog and very much appreciate your kind words. Now to the good stuff you tuned in to hear.

It’s easy. Learn these habits:

1. Never EVER—sleep on anything but your back. Period. That’s right, for 30 years, I’ve been sleeping on my back so that I would not create crease marks on my cheeks or nose.

2. Never go to bed with make-up on. Use a buff pad to gently wash your face with Dr. Bronners soap both AM and PM and immediately follow with witch hazel to close the pores. Do it religiously. I probably have only missed a hand full of days in all these years.

3. As for the make-up, I use a liner on the outer edges and bottom of my eyes. It’s a bit worn off in the picture above and usually is more sharp but you get the idea. I wear a mineral make-up base close to my skin tone. But in the pic above, I wasn’t wearing any base and was actually wearing Mac mineral eye shadow in a rose shade on my cheeks. Yes, you can use a powder eye shadow on your cheeks and it’s less expensive than buying a whole compact of the cheek product. I don’t have any eye shadow on and don’t normally wear any.

4. Find a lipstick of lip gloss you like. I don’t have a favorite. I try to make it favor whatever I’m wearing.

5. I always wear perfume. Always! I wear Jessica McClintock most days. If Mr. D is taking me out, I wear Very Sexy by Victoria Secret.

6. My favorite body lotion is Jergens original.

Hair: It’s time to color it again. My natural shade is dark brown and you can see how much grey is coming in. I really like Clairol Perfect 10 nice ‘n easy in the color 6 light brown chocolate shake —of course. I color every 6 to 10 weeks.

I do want to give the Benefit Cosmetics Line a try. Looks so darn cute. May have to try that Benetint πŸ˜‰ Jean and Jane have an adorable story and the makeup personality sure fits mine doesn’t it ya’ll.

Allright, it’s time for a peak at what’s happening inside Copper Top Cottage—-come on….oh, I am not 5 months pregnant and do not know why I look like that. Maybe it’s those dang cookies this week.

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  1. Robin says:

    Thanks for the lovey visit with you at Copper Top! I love listening to your voice, it reminds me of home!


  2. Gail says:

    Hey, Anna, I made my donation and off with the widget! Thanks for organizing this. You are a darling~ gail


  3. joey says:

    Beautiful inside & out … that’s you, dear Anna! After my week away, it was delightful catching up with you and your beautiful family … indeed, you are blessed (and so are they)!


  4. Genevieve says:

    Anna – I looove benetint! There’s a little benetint plus gloss set at Sephora that I love – $22 and both are set into each end of a wand so you can apply both easily. Best stuff ever, but – give the gloss some time to sink in before gardening or else you’ll end up with hair, soil, and what-not stuck on your gloss, which is not ladylike.


  5. eliz says:

    Here’s the thing with skin: no sun, no smoking, and–mainly–great genes!
    I love how you show yourself and your family; it makes me feel closer and more interested in blogs when I see the real people behind them.


  6. linda says:

    Copper Top is looking great Anna, and so are you. Your beauty routine is clearly working!


  7. Kaarina says:

    Anna- you really do not look like you’re 51 and I say that as seeing you in person! Such a great little post and love the tips. Being a 35 year old I HAVE to start taking care of my skin more. Nice little kick in the butt for me πŸ™‚


  8. Lola says:

    Great video Anna. I will be watching to see the final touch. Bet the uncle had a treasure trove. I love old things. Heck I love anything about the mtns of N.C. Guess my ancestors came from there bouts.
    Thanks for the tour–great looking boys you have there.


  9. Jane says:

    Well, you are adorable and I can’t wait to see your Copper Top cottage finished. Loved the video!


  10. People say the same thing to me, that I couldn’t be that old. I think the most important thing is staying out of the sun. I always burned, so getting a tan was never an interest of mine, even as a teen, and I was using sunblock before they came up with the SPF system.

    And you have real handsome boys.


  11. Well, that was fun! You’re just like I imagined you. I’ve seen bits and pieces cuz I’ve seen your picture, I’ve heard your voice in previous videos, I’ve read your words and your personal comments to me on my blog, and today I got the whole package in one adorable video!! You couldn’t be any cuter if you were a puppy! No wonder we all enjoy you so much. I say NC television needs to discover you, girl! And it’s so true that your skin regimen has paid off big time!!


  12. Catherine says:

    Copper top cottage is looking great. It sounds like you have some great things to decorate and use in there. The color is really nice.
    Great skin care tips. My friends used to make fun of me for being pale when I was younger, but avoiding the sun really does make a huge difference in how our faces age.


  13. April says:

    Amen! I had SEVERE…I mean S-E-V-E-R-E acne when I was in high school. My parents spent a fortune on creams, cleansers, make up, and medications. After many years of trying to find something to clear up my break outs….I found it. I have had atleast 50 chemical peels on my face, and when I was a sophomore in college I had laser resurfacing on my entire face. So I take tremendous care of my skin! I was my face everymorning, every night, moisturize…the whole 9 yards! I am always on my friends butts about them not washing their faces!


  14. Racquel says:

    I love the color you picked out for you Coppertop cottage interior. It was cool to hear your accent in the video. You are a true southern belle. πŸ™‚


  15. Gail says:

    That was a delightful video Anna. The cabin looks super and will be a wonderful space for your creativity. I can’t wait to see all your great uncles collections hanging there. Thanks for the tips…I’ve been meaning to try the mineral makeup. Btw, my hip would love for me to sleep on my back! gail


  16. Joy says:

    Anna .. My first skin lotion when I was actually a kid (suffered from dry skin forever .. up side was I never had a problem from acne ? haha) but my first lotion was Jergens original .. I loved that smell ! Every time I smell it .. it still smells wonderful to me.
    Hey .. those tips on skin care are great .. I think a huge one is “not smoking” I never smoked and I see a huge difference in friends that have .. but .. quitting and drinking lots of water has helped them a great deal. Water is a must as well !
    Mineral make up .. Pur Minerals is my favorite : )
    I sleep on a Tony Little micropedic pillow which has a satiny ? case .. but it is mainly for the comfort with neck problems.
    I think our generation has been a great deal luckier with all of the wonderful products available to us.
    I understand British accents easier than yours ! which is funny I think .. number one son has problems when he visits friends in South Carolina, understanding some of the words with that accent as well .. how funny is that ?
    Great video .. and it takes practice to unleash the real you in them so keep doing it girl !
    PS I’m glad we had this little girlie talk ? LOL


  17. Peggy says:

    Hi Anna, I have not been around for a while been so busy.I am looking forward to seeing Copper top cottage finished and furnished with all of your keepsakes, it will be a terrific writers retreat.
    You have a lovely family with two handsome sons who are creative just like Mom.I have always followed a basic skin care routine but sleeping on my back….?
    Congratulations on the blog award it is well deserved!
    I wonder will your winter weather predictions come true, I have not seen woolly worms here, although as a child I do remember ‘hairy mollies’! I have not seen any of them for years now so maybe they have become victim of our modern age of pesticides etc.


  18. Darla says:

    You are way too cute Anna!!


  19. Lavender says:

    Hello, I am happy to see there are other women my age (almost-49) that want a garden/inspirational/zen shed of sorts! This is my first time to meet you..found you from one of my fav. garden gals ‘Bloomingwriter’ from N.S..I had to check out your web from what you said in her white bulb story. I have never heard of a gardener not planting bulbs!!! It still shocks me!

    Anyway…read some of your past blogs and I had to go on when I read your husband doesn’t cook…whew, I thought I was the only one with a husbnd like that! We have been married for so long I forget…I was but a mere child, when I made that commitement! Didn’t think it was going to last this long, ha, ha.

    I am new at blogging and in the works of making mine…started long ago and then stopped…probably after we get some snow I will get in the blog making groove again. Any tidbits of info is great…I looked up the site you mentioned for photos…Wow it does wonderful stuff, but hey I am nervous about downloading free stuff…will it take over my other photo programs? I believe that nothing is free in life, we always work hard for what we have!

    So…congrats on your blog award! It is fun being recognized for things we love to do. One little suggestion about your next video. When I first started watching you I was surprised that it was you…because when I read your blog and saw your great photos I had you pictured in my mind as more outgoing, bold and abit more demanding in a good way! On the video of you painting I saw a shy little girl…didn’t look directly in the camera during (only at the beginning and end). Be more like you were at the ending when you said your good-byes!

    Your hair is very pretty!


  20. personalgardencoach says:

    Between your lovely accent and sweet disposition, I was captivated by you AND Coppertop!
    Thanks for sharing your skin routine. It’s been paying off for you!
    The Personal Garden Coach


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