This works for me! Marriage counseling 101

Flowergardengirl and Mr D

This is his mischievous look and I know he’s up to something. I’m a really good read when it comes to faces and he’s very expressive. In fact, he talks with expressions which use to frustrate me but now I’ve got it licked which frustrates him when he’s trying to hide something. Or….totally delights him like above when he’s playing around. I’m such a flirt.

This past weekend my kids came home and and ran us poor old folks to our grave. They have loads of energy. Our kids are 29, 27, and a daughter-in-law 25 who is perfect in every way. Mr. D and I have been married since 1978 and we feel determined to continue. I would love to show you the close I shot of my dil but her protective husband says I can’t so here are my brawny sons with their mom.

Flowergardengirl and her brawny boys

I’m gonna teach you in one post how to stay married and in love. Why? Cause I can. I’ve done it and here it is 1:20 am on October 20th of 2009 and Mr D is still alive. I can hear him snoring. I’ve always gotten along pretty good with him and really good with him at least twice so here is proof….

Flowergardengirl's family

Cooking might be the way to stay married for some and it’s done a whole heaps for my marriage. I can mend a lot of evil deeds with fried chicken. But calories wear off and just like a figure, it only last till the next meal. My oldest brother had 3 good looking wives and owes them a lot of money. As far as I know they could all cook. So cooking is not the answer for every man so what is?? But here are some cookies I fixed tonight and Mr. D had several. They are pumpkin spice with maple sugar icing.

Pumpkins Spice Cookies from Southern Living Cook Bookand this is my favorite cookbook,

Southern Living Cookbook

So how do you stay married? Has mine seen nothing but lip locks and blissful contentedness? Well no. It sure isn’t cause Mr. D can cook, Lord no. He burns an empty pan. His idea of sustainable means making sure we don’t run out of microwavable potatoes. He got through college on baked potatoes and Mac ‘N’ Cheese. I look like a genius in the kitchen.

So here it is—Confidence. I do not think there is anyone in this world smarter than my husband. I admire his work ethics. More importantly, he knows that I know that.

We can struggle with finances, love, kids, jobs, family and so on….but if you give your spouse a feeling of confidence, then they will almost always become that person in the marriage.

And it will carry over to your children. You will make a lot of mistakes cause I sure have. Your kids forgive you. I’m awfully proud of my children and I’ve captured them in a few photos I’d like to share. I homeschooled both my kids for a good many years and it was fun. They went to a local school from about 8th grade up after we retired from the Air Force and settled to this area.

Here they both are, The first is my oldest at his work.He’s an engineer and builds wastewater and freshwater treatment plants. He specializes in concrete structures. He graduated from NCSU School of Engineering.

My sonIn the picture above, he’s measuring the water level in this tank. This is a new tank and they are getting ready to test the stir tubes. This was a pretty big job up in Virginia.

My OldestHe looks like his father. Here he is showing his dad some drawings he did.

and below is my youngest.

My YoungestHe looks like momma.

In the picture below, my youngest son is shooting a commercial for a contest that he and his brother entered. It’s for Doritos.( They won’t let me show you pictures until after it’s been aired on the Doritos site) They did it last year too. My youngest son is going to school full time at UNCG to be a script writer and producer. He loves working with the camera and looks like a pro I think–don’t you?. He goes to school full time and then he also has a full time job as a medical transcriptionist for our local hospital. Both my kids are very busy. Like I said, I would show you this son’s wife but he won’t let me and I understand cause she’s so dang pretty.

my youngestAnd so—–give your family confidence. It’s the very best gift.

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  1. Genevieve says:

    Anna, you advice about confidence is right on. The more I’m confident with my sweetie that he IS the man of my dreams, the more he fills the role.

    Today he vacuumed, emptied the dishwasher, cooked me dinner, and said sweet things. I didn’t expect anything out of him today after all of yesterday’s plumbing work, so WOW. What a man.


  2. Dave and I were just commenting that so many bloggers love their spouses and their families. I am so happy to know you, Anna, even if it’s primarily with exchanges of emails and all. Someday I’d love to visit your home. I just loved the pictorial of your family and it represents who you are – a wonderful, loving and vibrant woman, wife and mother. Bless you for sharing yourself and your family here on your fantastic blog. Hugs!


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