Why I Came Home To A North Carolina Autumn

North Carolina Autumn 2008

I’ve got a big announcement at the end of this post!!!

Autumn in NC

First you need to know!!!!! Garden World Report is up and running and I’m there receiving my award at blotanical.com for best blog design and best NC blog. I was on the chat board live last night but you can go Here and see the show. It’s up 24/7. Please go check it out and leave a message saying you stopped by. Shirley Bovshow is the brain child behind this online gardening television. It’s exciting and you’ll be in the know about what’s new in the dirt. Shirley’s website is at Eden Makers Blog

Autumn in NC

We’ve lived all over the United States but I was born and raised in North Carolina. So when my husband retired from the Air Force in 1994 he ask me where I wanted to live and I said home to the Autumn colors of the Appalachian South.

I want to be home where raindrops fill the birdbath and our red Cardinal will come calling.

Raindrops in birdbath

I want to go home where the muscadines grow and limbs swing low and the people talk slow.

NC muscadine

Mums  2009I could visit my favorite nurseries and decorate my garden with pansies and colors of the season. I like it when I can celebrate all 4 seasons but Autumn is my favorite. No other place celebrates Autumn like North Carolina in my opinion.

Teddy Bear SunflowerI can grow Teddy Bear Sunflowers like this one that grew in my garden last season. I will grow it again next year.

Autumn in NC

arugulaI can put —–Arugula and ornamental cabbages like the ones displayed on the nursery tables

Autumn 2009 Mantel ArrangementWhile I was visiting that little shop–A nicely arranged mantel  —-gave me some Autumn decorating inspiration——-

100_9868Look what caught my eye—- this little feeder just wishing to come and live at———

Copper Top Cottage, my little shed, which I am proud to announce!!!!!!- passed inspections this week!!!!!!! So—-I’ll be moving my stuff in the first of next week and decorating my long awaited dream of owning a gardening shed/elegant hideaway. There will be a party!!!!! When Mr. D ask where I wanted to move when we retired, I said—My North Carolina cause I pictured my little Copper Top Cottage in the woods at the end of property all fixed up with mums and such and so it will be. Stay tuned.

To see the building of my shed—-visit past post HERE. Cause not gonna show ya the finished product yet.

Narrow Leaf Yellow Zinnias

Copper Top Cottage is finished and the big reveal will be next week—stay tuned!!!!

20 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarada says:

    Beautiful pictures…I love all of them and congrats on your dream come true..


  2. You make me want to visit NC to see the gorgeous color and I can’t wait to see the Coppertop Cottage! Am off to see the Garden World Report!!


  3. Tootsie says:

    I love the photos you post! your shed sounds like a dream…I can’t wait to see it!


  4. RobinL says:

    Can’t wait to see that shed! Ohio autumns are so lovely too, as are Michigan where I am originally from. I think we all believe that home is best.


  5. Your photos really brightened up my day, dear Anna. And that’s quite an accomplishment since we’re into about day 400 of cold, dreary, grey weather. Well, okay not really. It just seems like that.:-)
    I know you’ve been up to all kinds of things and I just haven’t had time to read back and get all into the loop. But I’m proud and happy for you.


  6. Catherine says:

    I didn’t know much about NC before I started blogging. It sure seems like a beautiful place. I can’t wait to see Copper top cottage!


  7. fairegarden says:

    A big hug and hooray for your dream come true. I agree, there is no place like North Carolina, Tennessee is mighty close though. I am excited to see the big reveal. That nursery has so many wonderful things, I loved the mantel as well.


  8. meghan says:

    love it!! north carolina is great, isn’t it!!


  9. I love this blog and these photos. Fall in NC seems like a grande finale. Looking forward to more of you excellent photos.


  10. Phillip says:

    Not much color here in Alabama yet but I keep waiting. Nice photos and congratulations on your shed!


  11. Sweet Bay says:

    Glorious pictures of the fall colors! I really like the view of the white oak, one of my favorite trees.

    We lived in PA for 3 years, and although I enjoyed the wildflowers and the snow and bought a really special horse there, we were very happy to come home to NC.


  12. rosey pollen says:

    I can’t wait to see your Copper Top cottage! How cool is that?!
    You have good taste in decor… I bet it will be stunning!


  13. Gail Morris says:

    How fortunate I AM to be living across the street from the Coppertop Cottage and can walk a few steps to visit!!! Beautiful photos, Anna, and I especially loved reading about the lily pads. Thumbelina was a childhood favorite! Have fun this week!


  14. That is a time for celebration. You may just inspire me to get my own little cottage shed to go with my cottage house. I’m waiting to see! Congratulations to you and to NC for being blessed to have you there!


  15. Janet says:

    Will look forward to seeing your copper topped shed all decorated. The fall colors are beautiful.


  16. Jan says:

    After seeing your photos, I wish I was in NC right now. You live in a beautiful state, and we have enjoyed every visit we made.

    Always Growing


  17. I too loved that first picture, never thought of taking one underneath before.


  18. Darla says:

    You are just a wee bit excitied !! I would be too. I clicked on the link and read a little of you and Shirley, way cool!! Lovely photos Anna.


  19. Phillip (UK) says:

    Fantastic colours. It looks like it will be a hard winter going by the berries and we have only recently had enough rain to turn the leaves properly. Well done on the shed.


  20. Noelle says:

    Congratulations on your new shed! How exciting.

    I wanted to say that I enjoyed your autumn photos. Especially the first one showing a different perspective of a beautiful tree.


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