Capsicum annuum ‘Black Pearl’ ornamental pepper

Ornamental peppers and mumsI spotted the ornamental peppers placed so nicely with the beautiful mum.

Black Pearl Ornamental Pepper Look at that red pepper which ripens to this rich red as the plant matures. This is

Capsicum annuum ‘Black Pearl’ and you can read about it HERE. Ornamental peppers seem to be popular this year and I’ve noticed them popping up in annual flower beds.

Black Pearl ornamental pepperThey do work well at the front of a border reaching 20″ in height and width. The are considered annuals and even start well from seed. They aren’t picky needing little fertilizer and are somewhat drought tolerant.

This isn’t a new cultivar and has been around since 2006. It’s my experience that plants take awhile to catch on and I’m convinced this will become a landscape favorite.

MumsNo peppers in the picture above but isn’t it beautiful?

Ornamental peppers in borderAbove you see ornamental red and white peppers in this border at Duke Gardens in Raleigh, NC. Some peppers are not edible so make sure you check each variety carefully.

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  1. atiredwife says:

    Now I know the name of the “black pearl” that is, or was in my garden this summer. Mine seems to be more purple than black though. But the same berries … dark eggplant to bright red. It’s a beautiful plant. I’ve brought it in to see if it might winter over indoors, but I’m afraid it’s not going to make it.


  2. Lola says:

    Love that black pepper. I have the one that has longish peppers that turn yellow to red. I bought one & got home, later found that I had one volunteer just as big. I need to look around my yard before buying.


  3. Darla says:

    I have always grown ornamental peppers……just a different interest amongst the flowers. Congrats to the new store owners, so very exciting!! Beautiful flowers they have!!


  4. lynnsgarden says:

    Hi Anna! These photos are stunning!! I love black pearls and grow them in my mixed pots…a unique and beautiful plant! Btw, hope you received my package in the mail…please let me know. Thanks!


  5. Urban Green says:

    What struck me most are those peppers…I have never seen something like that.


  6. How unexpected. I never would have thought of mixing peppers with mums but it’s simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing! -Jackie


  7. Tatyana says:

    Hi Anna! Thank you for showing this pepper. I never paid much attention to ornamental peppers. I could change my mind. This one is dramatic!


  8. Robin says:

    They had masses of those planted at the Indiana State Fair. They were gorgeous!


  9. Gail says:

    I’ve noticed the peppers for sale at a few surprising spots. I think they are catching on Anna! They’re pretty cool. gail


  10. Mary Delle says:

    I love those ornamental peppers. You’ve inspired me to bring some home from the nursery. Together with the mums, they sing fall.


  11. Catherine says:

    You’re right that it seems like the ornamental peppers seem to be appearing more in nurseries. I was just noticing that. I haven’t seen ‘Black Pearl’ yet though. That’s one I will definitely be buying when it shows up here.


  12. Nell Jean says:

    Great pictures; that shadow looks familiar.

    I grew Black Pearl one year. My favorite part was the purple blossoms that preceded the black pearl pods. The fruits were still pretty when they turned red and oxblood lilies bloomed with them.


  13. I too noticed the many ornamental peppers this year. I suppose there won’t be any next year when I go to buy some. I hadn’t thought to plant them in the garden, I just thought of them as a potted plant.


  14. Gail Morris says:

    Anna, we visited the new Briarpatch last Saturday a week ago and were just amazed at how lovely it is!!! Even bought some fresh shrimp from Snead’s Ferry and some olive oil/sea salt bread for dinner that night!! yum! If they hung original artwork there, it would be a plus as well!!! hint hint…the wine display, foods, veggies, and especially the plants are beautiful!
    Your photos are wonderful.


  15. Miss Daisy says:

    Very beautiful. I love the look of it planted next to the mums. Don’t you love the splendor of mums during this time of year? They are so inviting.


  16. I saw those ornamental peppers at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, and just loved the black leaves and the black “pearls” that turn red. It is an amazing plant, and I couldn’t stop staring at it! There aren’t that many plants with true black leaves but this seems to be one of them. Perfect for Halloween!

    Thanks for all your sweet invitations. I will keep you posted on any potential visits to NC. Hugs and thanks for being so kind.


  17. Phillip (UK) says:

    What great displays they have, and I do like that Capiscum.


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