My Product Wish List from the Garden Writer’s Symposium 2010



Ups-A-Daisy is a clever little creation. It’s a pot insert that saves on the amount of soil you’ll need to fill a container. Have you searched all over the house for pot fillers? I have. I’ve used old cans, plastic jugs, broken pots, and the list goes on. These inserts work by cutting down on your fill area and allowing you to use less soil and making the container lighter in the process.

These Ups-A-Daisy plastic inserts are light weight and save your back when you go to move your pot full of mature flowers. I rarely move my pots as they grow cause the thing is just way to heavy. Well here is the solution. And..most annuals don’t need a lot of root space. Annuals grow better with about 10 inches of soil and they love to be snuggled together. It’s perfect for pansies. The design improves drainage too. So no more rotting plants.

Ups-A-Daisy is just one of the companies I made a mental note about so I could go back home and research more about the product. These are new to me and I thought you might like seeing some of the products I’d enjoy using in my garden and home.

Another of these companies was:


Lechuza Self-Watering Containers are on my list of must haves for my porches. This will be the answer to who is going to water while I’m on vacation or when I simply forget about them.

This system waters your plants for up to 12 weeks. There is a gage indicator that tells you when the container needs to be filled again.

I am really impressed with the design and idea not to mention it’s going to assure the success of my containers and make my plants more attractive.

I will be testing these containers and writing more about them in the near future but I am so excited that I wanted to share and give you a sneak peak.

There is a video on their website that explains how they work and they have an online shop. The colors and textures are very classy.

These containers will help you conserve water because you will know exactly how much water your plant requires. No over or under watering.

And , if you leave the plug in the containers for inside—you don’t have to worry about ruining your furniture with water spots.

Dramm Garden Products

Are you looking for a hose that will keep up the wear and tear you dish out, or a nozzle that makes watering easier, or maybe you’d rather the watering take care of itself? Look to the Dramm company to do it stylishly and still be durable.

This display was full at the beginning of the Garden Writer’s Symposium. You can see that it was a popular product.

I enjoyed meeting these folks and learning about their consumer and commercial line.  What color would you pick. I think my favorite is the burgundy. Check out their site and you’ll recognize the Color Wand as you probably own one.

Actually, I have several and the garden center where I use to work full time—has lots. It’s a cinch to reach hanging baskets with the long handle. Dramm makes a Touch and Flow wand that allows you to start and stop the flow of water with more ease than traditional nozzles. The control mechanism is in the handle and works by the squeeze of your grip and it will not tire your hand as is the custom of most hand held nozzles.

These are just a few of the items on my wish list and I’ll be writing more about them as the season progresses.

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  1. Betty Eshenour says:

    I knew about the Ups-a-daisy through my garden gate magazine or one of the other flower garden magazine I have purchased at the store. I think those Ups-a-daisys come in sizes too..probably according to size of pots. Like you I have used empty plastic bottles, upside down plastic flower pots, even used styrofoam peanuts which is a pain. As far as moving my container pots, the ones you buy at K-mart look nice, black metal on wheels. Wheels don’t roll right, so I showed my husband one made from wood in a mail order catalog and he bought pressure treated wood and made me several. The wheels for each probably cost more than the wood, but they make it so easy to move those large containers around on the patio/terrace. I’m putting my order in for about 2 more come next Spring.


  2. Miss Daisy says:

    Awesome! What a fun trinket. I have something sort of like that for an indoor plant. It lets me know when the water level is down and when to water it. I really like that!


  3. Darla says:

    Come on by and see the petunia..s


  4. Self watering containers. Now we’re talking!!!


  5. Love all of these cool products! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to go to that event.


  6. Phillip (UK) says:

    What great products Anna.


  7. Catherine says:

    The self watering containers sound great! I love the hoses, I’d pick the burgundy or blue, maybe one color for the front and one for the back. How fun that you got to see all of these and the rest of the products!!!


  8. The watering products are pretty neat. My biggest frustration when watering is really the hose itself. I buy cheap stuff and pay for it in the end with my irritation at kinky hoses.


  9. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, good work on finding products that appealed to your container growing. The containers on covered porches and the like are so hard to remember to keep watered too, this looks like a winner, proven or not! HA I have two dram wands, nothing is better for reaching up high.


  10. Darla says:

    These are some interesting items you have featured…love the Ups A Daisy!! I’ll be showing you later what happened to my Raspberry Blast Petunia , Proven Winners after I trimmed it back…


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