4 Screwy Things and 5 Pumpkins plus some mums

Craftsman house decorated for Autumn

I drove in the driveway this afternoon and Mr D had these 5 pumpkins lined up on my walkway. It thrilled me more than if I had gotten diamonds and rubies. He bought them for me while out shopping for stuff that goes on Copper Top Cottage/My shed. He’s never gotten my Autumn pumpkins before and the thoughtfulness was—well—so very thoughtful and romantic.

Mums and Pumpkins

You might not think of pumpkins as romantic—- but I think of everything as romantic and attractive. I describe food, people, cats, dogs, squirrels, buffalo, and birds in such terms as delicious, irresistible, yummy, appealing, wondrous, exciting, splendid, amazing, and extraordinary cause that’s how I live my life.

bunny and pumpkin

When I really like something—-I’ll say it’s the best I ever had. I’ll say—-me and the sunflowers have been lip-locked all day. And I think this way if it’s a male or a female plant or person. My best friend is coming on Tuesday and she’s been putting up with my personality for 51 years. I can’t wait for her to get here and give her a big hug.

Mums and Pumpkins

And the mums——The mums are luscious, full, and plump—and the pumpkins are round, firm, and healthy. Who wants mushy pumpkins, right? And Mr D picked them out and got assorted sizes so they would fit every need I could possibly have as far as wanting pumpkins goes.

Pink Mums with yellow centers

He spent most of the afternoon under Copper Top Cottage. I rather enjoyed the view cause he’s tall , lean, and well, let’s just say we don’t need a stud finder. I’ve always been hugely attracted to Mr D(elicious). He’s involved in stuffy politics during the day but he’s all mine after hours. Right now he’s looking at sports on his computer and TV and I wish he was over here discussing pumpkins with me.

Emerald Lace and Midnight Lace Ipomoes by Proven Winners

Ok, this isn’t a pumpkin or mum but my Midnight Lace and Emerald Lace Ipomoes are doing grandly don’t you think.

Narrow Leaf Yellow Zinnias

So he was under Copper Top Cottage/My shed—cause it flunked inspections this week. Took him several days to find out why. Turns out it needs to be tied down??? It’s about 10’x12′ and has 9 post sunk in to 4 foot holes full of concrete. But we had to buy some screwy rods—-like you tie your dog up in the yard—-and he’s got to screw them in the ground and then attach them to the frame of Copper Top.

Shed Nov 08

I was baffled. These are toothpicks compared to what we’ve already done. But it’s probably some code somewhere that has a government connection to the supply house for screwy rods. They cost about $10 a piece so Mr D got 4 and 5 pumpkins to boot.

Shed Progress

I’m going to make a video of us screwing those rods in the ground. Just seems totally ridiculous to me. If we get winds strong enough to pull the 9 post out of the ground, I don’t have much faith in the 4 screwy things. But I can sure tell you that Mr D is a joy to watch doing most anything and that will be the saving grace.

Shed almost finished

23 Comments Add yours

  1. lmurrayphd says:

    Love your shed Anna. What are you going to do with it? –Lou (from Garden Writers Association–we met on the bus in Raleigh)
    Well Hi Lou and so nice to see you here. It was very nice to meet you at the GWA and I had a wonderful time.

    My shed is going to be a elegant hideaway. You can look at the category on my sidebar and see all the post under it and see the ideas. Basically it’s my little getaway. Hope you are doing well.


  2. April says:

    Ok….my husband gives me a busted water meter, and yours gives you pumpkins! I would much rather have pumpkins! I totally get what you mean…it is the thought that counts…that they actually thought about us! LOL!


  3. Beth says:

    Oh I know exactly how you feel….that is the sweetest thing ever. Don’t you just love it when they really “get” us! It just means so much.
    And what a good job he did too!


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