Thank you for Best Blog Design and NC awards!

Blue Ridge Parkway Overlook in Virginia Sky Line Drive

Thank you to everyone for voting for me in the recent 2009 awards. I very much appreciate being chosen for the Best Blog Design Award and the Best North Carolina Blog Award.

I didn’t expect the award so didn’t come up with a new design to celebrate. I’ll get right on that and earn my keep. I haven’t changed it in a few weeks so I’m due, right? 😉

Thank you all so very much—big hugs ya’ll!

45 Comments Add yours

  1. nerdypants says:

    I wish I had half your talent 😀


  2. carolyngail says:

    You’re welcome, Anna 🙂 Glad my vote counted. Sorry I haven’t visited as frequently as I’d like but being a full-time granny and gardener doesn’t leave a lot of time.

    Heartfelt congrats on your well-deserved award.


  3. joker400 says:

    Congratulation for receiving the award i think you deserve it

    Congratulation again


  4. Sue says:

    I had to look to see if I’d left a comment yet, and see that I haven’t, and I see that you did change it up for the occasion. I voted for you because no matter what, your blog always looks original and creative. Right now, it’s just plain fancy! Congratulations on both awards!


  5. Anna, congratulations on receiving your awards! You are such a sweetie who puts so much of yourself into everything you do and it shows. It’s nice to see you rewarded for it! Well done!


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