Invincibelle Hydrangea 2010

Invincibelle Breeder Profile A pink ‘Annabelle’ has come on the garden scene and is introduced by Proven Winners Plants. I am growing them and they bloom from Spring through frost. When the plant is young the blooms overwhelm the plant a bit but as the plant matures it grows into itself. The stems get strong and blooms are produced on the plant for several months. In my zone 7 garden the ‘Invincibelle’ hydrangea blooms in full sun untill frost. It has been blooming since I planted it in May. The blooms are huge and very showy.Invincibelle Spirit_Hyd1The photos in the post are from the new media information I recieved from Proven Winners. Wish I could take credit and aren’t they grand? I’m proud to tell you this ‘Invincibelle’ is a North Carolina native. Dr. Tom Ranney at the Mountain Hortaculture Crop Research and Development Center at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC and his talented students have brought us this repeat blooming hydrangea.

Richard Olsen, a graduate student, was hiking in the Appalachian mountains and discovered a pink lace cap. He brought a cutting back to the center where a team of students under the direction of Dr. Ranney grew this beautiful new variety. Proven Winners has teamed with the Breast Research Foundation on a campaign to help find the cure for breast cancer. For every plant sold, a dollar is donated to the cause.

The invincible spirit of this reblooming hydrangea is a reminder for us to continually hope and donate so a cure for this disease can be found. You all know I love Proven Winners Plants and this week I had the privilege of meeting Danielle Ernest and Janice Limbaugh from that company. Danielle, the public relations person for Proven Winners, discovered my blog about two years ago and contacted me about trialing the new cultivars and then writing about them. I had been growing their plants for the previous 5 years so I jumped at the chance.

This is me( after a day in the 100 humidity of a hot Sept. NC) and Danielle at the 2009 Garden Writers Symposium in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I was thrilled to finally meet the person behind all the phone and email conversations. Thank you Danielle and Janice for the nice PW gifts and plants over the years. I have and will continue to enjoy my journey with Proven Winners. Danielle Ernest( left) public relations Proven Winners Anna Looper freelance writerThis photo is a bit empty looking and I would love to showcase how pretty it was with the pink market bags and ‘Invincibelle Spirit’ hydrangea—-but people flocked to this site and wiped them clean. In fact, they were gone on both days within the first hour we were allowed on the floor. Everyone was carrying around a pink market bag.

To see how this booth was created and color choices made—visit Helen @ Gardening with Confidence. From flee markets to paint selection—-this is how it came together! HERE This booth was spectacular when the pink bags filled with the ‘Invincibelle’ hydrangeas were added.

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  1. joey says:

    Wow! A pink ‘Annabelle’ … I want one … now! Happy Autumn Gardening, Anna.
    Lovely to see you stopping by. I just got home from the Garden Writer’s Symposium for the second time. Went today to be there for the awards dinner. It was wonderful and Proven Winners supplied the wine—they surprised us with two bottles–the labels were beautifully designed after the ‘Incrediball’ and the ‘Invincibelle’. It was about the classiest act of the whole symposium and probably shot ratings for PW out the roof.

    I’m glad to be home though. It was a very busy week.


  2. Jan says:

    OOOOH, I can’t wait for these to be available locally. They are gorgeous. If they do well for you, they should also do well for me.

    Always Growing
    Buy one as mature as possible cause the blooms are numerous and heavy on those in a 5″ pot. It did remarkably well for starting out so small. The 2 gallon size and up will be fine as the plant has good strong stems when it gets that old.


  3. Anna –

    It was so good to finally meet you! Thank you so much for posting information about Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea. Always love your blog posts – now when I read them I know the voice to go along with it. Safe travels home and keep in touch.

    Take care and thank you again,

    Congrats on the Garden Writer’s Award for Proven Beauty online magazine. It really is beautiful and well written. Full of amazing photos.

    And Proven Winners knocked it out of the ball park tonight with the wines ‘Invincibelle’ and ‘Incrediball’. Thank you for sponsoring the event.


  4. Darla says:

    What a great hydrangea. I’ll be keeping my eye out for this one come spring. I have to tell Ms. Doris three doors down, she loves hydrangeas…thanks Anna. Looking forward to reading more!!
    I’ve got lots more but am just getting home from today’s trip to the Garden Writer’s Symposium. It’s a two hour trip for me and I spent the night Wed. and Thursday then drove down today for the award’s dinner. Had a fabulous time and met the best folks. I’m so tired.


  5. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, this selection of our native hydrangea is going on my list. The breast cancer donation seals the deal. Annabelle is one of the few hydrangeas that really like the conditions of dry shade under my mature pine trees that suck every bit of moisture from that ground. I’ll be looking for it next year.
    I’ve got it in a hot dry spot and it’s doing very well. Seems odd for it to do well cause those big old blooms look like they require lots of water–but I don’t do a thing to it.


  6. Les says:

    I have seen the pictures and promotional material for this and look forward to getting the plants into the garden center next spring. My only concern is the color, is it really the same color as in the photos, and if so, will this be the color in a long hot humid southern summer down in the Piedmont or on the coast?
    That’s a good question Les and only time will tell. It was very cool for us this summer meaning we had mostly 80’s and not the upper 90’s like last summer. I can tell you that little as mine is—about 3 feet tall–it had no pest, disease, or wilting. It was in a sunny spot that tends to be dry. I don’t know what a really humid summer would do to it but I’m betting –nothing. The blooms were this color for me.


  7. Tatyana says:

    Those blooms are unbelievable! Love them!
    They last a long time too.


  8. teresa says:

    Sounds like you had alot of fun! I love the pink hydrangea. I will have to look for that one in the spring. Thanks
    I had an awesome time but am wore out and I came home for one of the days. Those who stayed and attended every tour and class look like zombies.


  9. Anna you have shared some wonderful hydrangea with us. i love this color. And congrats for being nominated in blotanical 2009 awards for category of best container gardening. i like your blog and i m sure you must be delighted with the nomination just like me. Best of luck with the finals.
    Thank you and good luck to you too.


  10. cindee says:

    Looks like you had a great trip(-:
    It was a very good trip and I loved it. So many nice people and loads of information.


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