Copper Top Cottage got a coat of paint!

Copper Top Cottage by Flowergardengirl

North Carolina is home to the Biltmore Estate and Olympic paint has a color palette named after the grand home. Natural Splendor Biltmore Estate has the names ‘Dancing Light’, ‘Mountain Light’, and ‘Autumn Red’ as part of that palette. These colors were inspired by those found in the woods, streams, and foot bridge that grace the peaceful surroundings of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

Copper Top Cottage by Flowergardengirl.wordpress

It is from this palette that I chose the colors for Copper Top Cottage. I am drawned to anything that has historical significance. The interior colors of my home are Tobacco Road and Plantation Beige by Sherwin Williams. North Carolina has a rich heritage in tobacco and old plantations. So it is with that sort of trend in mind that I chose the Bitmore Estate color choices for my shed.

Copper Top Cottage by Flowergardengirl.wordpress

I am so pleased with how it turned out against the copper in the roof. I knew the copper color was well paired with a teal-ish family but getting it just right can be tricky. My eye will distinguish color exactly and it can drive me nuts if the right depth and hue are off even slightly. Drives Mr D nuts too cause he has to listen to me gripe. I can proudly say that I am pleased with Copper Top’s paint choice first time around.

My old house and kitchen

I can’t say the same for my former paint attempts at my last home. I painted that kitchen 9 times before I got the right blue figured out. I was hoping for a misty blue like is found on foggy mornings on the Atlantic coast. I went from baby boy blue to finally painting it a color called Smoke and that ended up perfect. So when I told Mr D that I needed to find the perfect teal-ish blue….he ran and hid. The above kitchen is from the house we were living in last year. I loved that kitchen. My new kitchen is the color Svelte Sage which is a dark sage green.

Copper Top Cottage by Flowergardengirl.wordpress

So take a look at Natural Splendor Biltmore Estate, ‘Hidden Spring’. I simply love it and all the other colors in that series. Copper Top Cottage has several hidden springs surrounding it and that just makes it even more perfect huh? Did I say I love it? I do!

100 year old brick for my cottage flowergardengirl.wordpress

Except for a few finishing pieces and adding the 100 year old brick patio—it’s finished as far as construction goes. I still have to paint the inside which is no small task. The walls will be ‘Shining Star’ from the Biltmore Series and the floor is a ginko biloba pattern that I’ve written about already–HERE.


I think the color palette from the Biltmore Estate will work well with this pattern. I’ll put a varnish over the top as they did here. The picture is from my Old Salem collection. This is painted on the floor of one of the gift shops.

Old Tool Hutch at Flowergardengirl.wordpress

My aunt and uncle have given me several antique pieces that will furnish the inside of Copper Top. My uncle worked at RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company forever. He has given me his tall tool hutch which has a beautiful teal patina.

galvanized bucket at Flowergardengirl.wordpress

It’s about 4 feet long and 6 feet high. I love it as it has tons of character and fits my historical need to preserve our family and NC’s heritage. RJ Reynolds was bought out and the name is no longer king in our area. He also gave me a bunch of his tools and odds and ends of nuts, bolts, and such. I’m going to use those assorted pieces of odds and ends as adornments for the birdhouses I’ll be making.

Metal storage cabinet from the 1940s.

I also inherited an old trestle table and many old galvanized buckets which have weathered perfectly. There is a tall metal stand that was in my grandmother’s house and it’s priceless. I can remember getting my towel and washcloth from this cabinet when I was a little girl. Soon as the floor is fnished,

I can start moving these items to Copper Top. Mr D will be glad cause they are lined up on his part of the garage. He has to make some real manly maneuvers to get his truck in the garage. He loves me or my stuff would be sitting in the backyard under the trees getting tooted on by the birds. Thank you honey.

And lastly, I’ve been collecting lace to make curtains. Oh I forget about the bucket of jars that my youngest son collected for me. He was out on a jobsite and they were installing landscaping. One of the holes they dug up had some cool old jars. He got an old bucket and picked up as many as would fit in the 5 gallon container. Mr D got me a cardinal welcome sign and a set of teal wind chimes. So I’ve collected quite a bit of cool things.

Copper Top Cottage at Flowergardengirl.wordpress

As you can see, I’ve got a lot to get done but the paint was certainly a major decision. Isn’t it exciting? So glad you came along to follow. You can read all the back post for my little cottage HERE.

I still have more post to do on Staunton but took a break from blogging to work on my shed. I’ll resume that series of post soon.

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  1. It may be a little smaller than Biltmore, Anna – but the colors look just right on the sides of Copper Top cottage. And a name like Hidden Spring is irresistible!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


  2. Betty Eshenou says:

    Ever have snapdragons to come up and you never planted them? I have them growing in between the caulking at garage foundation and patio..growing in the few grains of grit. I had planted some red snapdragons last year out front but these are on opposite side of garage and are multi colors, even some in opposite end of flower bed, no where near the red ones I planted last year. I am thinking that the wind or birds have dropped the seeds but for it to be dropped where it has is a mystery and survive and it very thick. Now if I wanted them to grow there, it would never do it!
    That’s right, if you wanted them to grow there–forget it. I do get volunteers from other gardens in the neighborhood and i consider it a wonderful gift. It is amazing that your snapdragons are growing in a hostile area. Doesn’t sound like a good fertile soil.


  3. Betty Eshenou says:

    Anna, I took a cutting this Spring from my neighbor’s Zebrina wandering jew plant and it is beautiful. I must remember to take a photo. You cut it off, put it in water and in a few days or a week, it has good root system. I’ve even clipped back my plant, some dropped and laid there on the patio and never died. No joking. Somehow a piece got in among my columbine and portulaca plants and is now growing there. The Wandering jew plant that they have planted all over LW is called Tradescantia pallida, like a ground cover with small purple or pink flowers. They have companioned it with Dusty miller and litrope(spelled incorrectly)but you probably know what I’m talking about. Used a lot in the South.
    Oh yes, I’ve seen that combination in a lot of places. It’s pretty and easy to maintain. All those you listed can take the heat and drought. The grass is called Liriope, Lilyturf, or Monkey grass. Easy to grow but spreads like mad. Once you have it—you have it forever.


  4. Betty Eshenou says:

    Hey, CTC is moving right along. Can’t wait till next Spring or Summer to see how you will landscape around it. I like the color. In the pictures, it looks like a different color on the back, as on the front. Must have been the way the sun was shining on the front. I see you have retrieved some of the brick from the old ravaged house. That mexican sunflower really grows tall in front of your house. For some reason, I have never had good luck with Victoria Blue Salvia. Will try again in 2010..maybe the 3rd. time’s going be a charm. Never seen white flowering vinca..but since the only white flower I like is the Easter lily, the white vinca won’t be one of my choices. I must try that senorita rosalita cleome next year. Shame it doesn’t reseed though.
    I had yellow lantana this year in a container and it has done well. Would like to try another color next Spring and plant it in the flower bed. The Bubble Gum pink petunias have done exceptionally well. Once it got hot weather, it kind of took over most of the flowerbeds..kind of smothered the purple verbena out that we had planted behind it. It is even hanging over the brick border, onto the sidewalk. Somebody sent me some caledula seeds and that has done pretty well. That plant that looks sort of like “Wandering Jew” has done very well around Leisure World in the common areas. You call it something else but am afraid to switch back to that page afraid I’ll lose this one. LOL! I hate to see Summer end. I will have a few mums, but don’t remember what color they are. Surprize!Surprize! Do I sound like Gomer Pyle?
    My favorite episode of Andy Griffith was when Aunt Bea made those salty pickles! Do you remember that?

    Sounds like you have a really nice garden this year. I have favorites that I put in every year but then I’m very adventurous too. If PW comes out with a new plant—I’m on it and it’s going in the bed if I can get my hands on it.

    The paint on Copper Top does change throughout the day and it did look darker in the shade areas. I like it best in the afternoon sun. I did go get some brick but that was an awful job and not sure I’ll go back. It’s hard to get to and dirty as all get out. Dangerous to boot. I have enough to make a large square and will put some kind of border around it of other material or stone.


  5. Laura says:

    reminds me of a beautiful B&B we would go to (before kids) on the Oregon Coast. So amazing!


  6. Robin says:

    I’m anxious to see how you decorate it!


  7. Janet says:

    Do love the Smoke color in your kitchen! Was looking at paint yesterday in preparation to put the house on the market.


  8. deb says:

    looks good anna.


  9. nancybond says:

    Anna, your little cottage is absolutely darling, and the colour is wonderful. And I do love that copper roof! In fact, I love copper anything. Great job!


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