Monticello’s Flower Walk and Staunton Virginia

Pink Spiked Celosia at Monticello

Over the Labor Day holiday, Mr D and I visited Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Virginia. I’m just writing about it now and will present the whole trip over the coming days. The mansion was grand and the vegetable and flower gardens were spectacular. It will take me a week to write and show the photos.

A very special thank you to my oldest son. He lives in the area and played host to mom and dad this weekend. He took us to all these places and stopped every time his mom wanted to take a picture. Thank you son!

Frontier Museum Scraunton Virginia

While dad and son were fly fishing, I also visited the Frontier Museum which takes you from the homes and lifestyles of 17th century England, Ireland, and Germany to the early 19th century in America. Real homesteads were purchased and reassembled on site. The purpose is to demonstrate how America is a melting pot of customs and building styles from these three countries.

Scraunton Virginia

I took hundreds of photos of Staunton, Virginia which has successfully kept its downtown area popular and thriving. The architecture is more interesting than you can imagine. Retailers still decorate the store fronts and I spent several hours walking every squre inch so you could experience it too.

And you can not visit the area without traveling in to the mountains——

The Great Smoky Mountains

I look forward to bringing you this set of posts from Stauton, Virginia and the surrounding area.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. atiredwife says:

    Beautiful pictures! My family is from Marion, Virginia … almost to Bristol … and it’s just beautiful country down there!


  2. Heather says:

    Sounds like a great trip! I am glad you took lots of photos for us to see what it is like back there!


  3. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, Monticello is the best destination! I am so glad you went and took lots of photos to share. Those gardens are pure inspiration. We bought seeds from the shop of the plants he grew, including those luscious celosias, they all prospered. We have often stayed the night in Staunton as it used to be a half way point to our in laws house in PA. That area is scenic and historic. The coming posts about it will be eagerly anticipated. 🙂


  4. Darla says:

    Beautiful….look at all of the Celosia!!! Can’t wait to read more..


  5. Both Charlottesville and Staunton are wonderfully rich in history and beauty! I love that last photo overlooking the mountains…it’s gorgeous down that way;-)


  6. You are going to make me very happy this week! I used to live in Charlottesville and visited Monticello many times. Never did drive over to Staunton though, so will be curious to see more of it.


  7. Janet says:

    I want to go to Monticello! Need to do that.


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