Hanging heavy on the vine.

muscadine 'Noble'

While traveling the back roads of North Carolina today, MrD and I visited some of the finest vineyards in the land. I’m just writing about that journey and came upon a photo, which is one of many, that is worthy of its own space. The muscadine above is called, ‘Noble’. NC grapes and muscadines are at or just past their peak.

It is a record crop for the mid NC area but a bit rough on some vineyards toward the western side NC. The West has had too much rain and cool weather. Grapes and muscadines like it hot and dry.

Muscadines are sour on the outside and sweet on the inside. It doesn’t feel like biting in to a grape but it will look somewhat similar on the inside. The texture is more thick and the flavor is sweet but full bodied. It’s make a fantastic wine.

I have much to write about our journey today. I’ll feature two vineyards from our trip and highlight one of the owners. She had a beautiful home with barns, cats, horses, goats, and so much character I could hardly steady the camera. There were photo ops everywhere. I must say that the Haw River Valley was especially pretty today.

So stay tuned. More to come!

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  1. Gail says:

    At this time of year these grapes (at least I think they are the same grape!) show up at the produce markets…the skins are perfect for squirting out the juicy sweet insides! Your NC is beautiful Anna! gail
    Yes, the skins are more tough than regular grapes. They are fun to squirt. I didn’t taste a seed in the ones I sampled this weekend. That was nice.


  2. Les says:

    I hope the muscadine wine you sampled was better than the last bottle I had. We picked up one in Currituck Co. at a farmer’s market and it was so sweet it would have been better on pancakes than in a glass.
    Some of them can bee too sweet. It taste really good with a Sprite! Mix those two and see if you like it. I also use it in brownie mixes and marinating some meats. Your comment is very funny though.


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