Muscadine on the Vine



North Carolina is famous for its muscadines. I go out in the woods, find a vine, and eat them till I am sick. They are very sour and will make your cheeks hurt. It’s almost time for them to ripen. I’ll be waiting! I’ll be 12 years old again and won’t share the location of my treasured tasty treats. Don’t follow! Only me and the critters know where they are. I’m not telling.

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  1. I plan on planting muscadines next year. Knowing that they grow wild in the woods, no one tends them, yet they thrive. Thinking that they could use companion plants of some kind, and the wild ones have things growing around them.


  2. Gail says:

    Beautiful photo of the muscadines Anna! Delicious looking colors. Joy is right~~your new header is gorgeous~ gail


  3. HI Anna,
    I’ve never tasted muscadines-looks kind of like a fig. Your creative presentation on your blog continues to fascinate me. I love your collages, photos…you are “da bomb!”
    Shirley Bovshow
    Awwwwww, here’s my buddy Shirley checking in! Big hugs! Thank you and you know I’m forever about change–what’s new–etc. I thrive on it. Thrive on my readers too–they rock and make it worth while.

    Shirley I’m headed out the door to walk. I’m taking to heart what you said about getting off the couch and get going. Ya’ll go read Shirley’s post:
    “Blogger’s Butt Boot Camp”


  4. Wild vines eh!

    I guess they’re packed with vitamin C etc… Go on, be brave
    And antioxidants of course. The mosquitos will be my biggest worry


  5. Sunita says:

    I’ve never heard of this berry (?) before let alone seen it. Its such a dramatic photo! I love that deep purple against the green.
    BTW, the photo on your header is gorgeous!
    Thank you very much!


  6. Those colors are beautiful! The purple of the grape, the green of the leaves, and the mixture of both in the stem. What a treat.

    Congrats on that top 100. That’s our FGG Anna!!
    Thank you so much. Big hugs!


  7. cherry says:

    but it is the best pucker in the world and I can’t wait to get my hands on some .. Congrats on that top 100 and the autumn post is stunning. hugs, Cherry
    Thank you very much about the top 100–at first I thought it was a hoax, gag, are they sure? I’m very appreciative.

    Eating muscadines is a redneck thing. I remember when a guy delivered flowers to the place I use to be working. I was in shortalls and looked like a hick. So he says to me:–honey—I got some muscadine wine in the truck–do you want to buy some for yourself. I took one whiff and the rest of the day was pure pleasure—and that was just from inhaling the fumes. People around here make that stuff all the time if for nothing else–it settles the baby. Just kidding of course about the baby thing.


  8. Les says:

    If they turn you 12 again, it would be a crime to keep this to yourself. I definately think you should share with any of your blogging buddies who will be 50 next birthday.
    I know Les, look at me—I’m 51 and been eating muscadines all my life. I think I’m actually back in pre puberty.


  9. meghan says:

    pretty picture!! my husband is growing a “doreen” muscadine vine. we have grapes for the first time this year….he is beyond excited! 🙂
    You’ll be puckering too—but it in a good way. You’ll have stained teeth and be part of the –IN muscadine crowd.


  10. Darla says:

    Geez Anna, please eat a handful for me!!
    I’m not going to have any bathroom issues for awhile.


  11. Catherine says:

    I’ve never heard of them before. They look good enough to eat 🙂
    They pop when first ripe–get mealy end of season. I love to see the birds go wild and gorging themselves on the goodness.


  12. Interesting–I had no idea (in MI).
    See, you gotta visit NC. A lot of our tobacco farms have been converted to vineyards. It’s beautiful.


  13. mothernaturesgarden says:

    Oooo! That is a beautiful photo. My BIL was just telling me about his muscadines.
    Muscadine wine and jelly are fabulous. Now they are marketing beauty products from the seed oil. Does your brother have them?


  14. Lona says:

    Well, I never heard of Muscadine’s either. They sound really
    good. Do they use them for pies,etc.?
    We feel the same way up here about hiding the spots to find our morale mushrooms that grow in the spring.
    I wanted to grow mushrooms and still might. I need a mushroom sniffing dog to find them.

    One of our famous muscadines is called the Scuppernong. It’s an excellent wine. If you google Duplin winery, you’ll see how they make their Scuppernong from the Mother Vine. The Mother Vine is a vine discovered by the crew of Sir Walter Raleigh back in the 1600’s. His crew said there were grape vines growing in NC more grand than in all of Europe. What a sight that must have been. All Scuppernongs in the USA come from that Mother Vine in NC.

    It makes good jelly and salads–but I’ve never eaten it in pie.


  15. Heather says:

    Funny, the secret picking spots are how everyone here is with huckleberries. One must protect their secrets patches for sure!
    And the blackberry brambles…..NC grows good grapes and berries so there is usually a lot of places to choose from.


  16. Sandy b says:

    I don’t know what muscadines are; but I’d love to try them. Wish I could wander in the woods here and find them.
    You only got to watch for spiders and ticks. I can do that. I may wander out this weekend and see what the vines are doing. I’m probably going to work on my cottage too.


  17. Janet says:

    What a beautiful shade of purple!! I am not sure if I could handle lots of sour grapes…have fun with that.
    Some are sweeter than others and they can have a plum like texture late in the season.


  18. Joy says:

    Anna you made me giggle this morning with the thought of such sore sourr cheeks ? LOL
    Your new header picture is beautiful girl !
    Joy : )
    Thank you and it’s a lot of fun to go hunting for the muscadines. The vine has a big leaf so they are easy to spot. Some of them grow right by the road.


  19. Charlotte says:

    Know that feeling of making the cheeks hurt… and the funny face that goes with the sour taste!
    Makes you pucker up just like sucker on a sour ball. I can’t wait!


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