Sarah Catherine Designs, meet my logo creator

Sarah Bradley

Sarah artfully walks through her day and you can sample some of her creations at Sarah Catherine Designs . Please meet Sarah Bradley, my new logo designer. I met Sarah in 1999 when she was working at Kaplan Early Learning Center as a designer— but soon after she climbed a ladder of success and works for herself today. She has designed everything from T shirts to business logos. I have complete faith that she’ll deliver a— knock your paws off design.

Sarah and her puppy dog Allie work from her home as she desigs jewelry, gift cards, T shirts, and business graphics. A line called, Enjoy the Chase! is perfect for the animal lover. You can send a picture of your pet and Sarah Catherine Designs will create a unique piece for framing. Visit the site to find out how and what your options could be. Enjoy the Chase!—- also has tastefully made jewelry in dog or kitty themes. Do you have someone on your list that needs a special pet themed necklace?

Take a look at Sarah’s fashion Jewelry. I want the blue shadow box pendant and I have ask her to think about doing a Flowergardengirl theme box pendant for us soon.

Sarah is full of joy and fun to work with. Please visit her site and cause she is one of our friends in the art world. She loves to garden too. You’ll be impressed with her graphic, jewelry, and custom creations.

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