Pink almost won me over


wilmington I’m a pink kinda girl. I’m drawn to it. At least 1/4 the clothes in my closet are pink.

WilmingtonI did a whole post on Haint Blue porch ceilings but here is one painted pink.

Dayton VirginiaLight Pink and Dark Pink. I have a lot of pictures of old homes. They inspire me. I seem to collect quite a few pictures of pink but have very little of it in my beige golden green craftsman home. I did come very close to building a colorful little cottage home with pink everywhere. Sometimes I feel like I have two personalities. Are you pulled in different directions when it comes to decorating?

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  1. I am not pulled in two different directions when it comes to decorating (my mind is firmly made up there), but I am when it comes to gardening. I really admire very clean, minimal gardens, with hedges and topiary, but I cannot resist buying plants. It seems I want it all (who doesn’t).
    I think I got my family room finished finally. I’m still working on the guest room. And me too about buying plants. My garden will always be cottage cause I can’t resist a pretty plant.


  2. I LOVE those houses!!! you make me want to move up there!
    Well come on!


  3. loooove pink, too! Also color-torn in my life. I love a pink world, but my husband isn’t as enthusiastic on the color as I am. Thanks for giving us a shot of cheer.
    I put pink in the guest room. I can get away with it in there. I do like my browns and greens too.


  4. Catherine says:

    I love the pink too, especially the last one. If my husband would allow it I’d have more floral in our house, I’m not girly girl at all, but I like some flowers around in the decor. Most of our colors are greens and maroons.


  5. Janet says:

    I like the colors on your house, these pink ones are a bit over the top. That being said, I know in San Fransisco the ‘Painted Ladies’ are all sorts of colors and they are quite popular.


  6. Darla says:

    Sometimes I am pulled in two different directions with decorating and gardening…Love the homes you have featured here. Don’t think I could do pink on the outside though..


  7. gittan says:

    I just LOVE those houses! Wish se could have a porch like that. Pink is the colour I alsomst never have anywhere. It’s just not me if you see what I meen. I’m a dark red lover. Take a look in my garden and you’ll see =) My greenhouse, the furnishures and the veggie garden – it’s all that dark red wine colour / gittan


  8. kaija says:

    Hi Anna! I like old homes too. They are so beautiful. Pink is nice color. My house is white. Maybe I should paint it pink…:) Have a nice Sunday! Kaija/Crow Cottage


  9. LindaLunda says:

    Beautiful houses!!!
    I´m drawn to green… cant help it :o)!


  10. Charlotte says:

    Just love these old homes and must visit North Carolina soon on one of my US trips – you’ve inspired me!


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