Durable Dirty Knees Fashionably

Coreopsis Update for you on the garden clothing line started a year ago. Many of you are following and anticipating the grand opening of my apparel line for the gardener. The goal is to have comfortable clothes that go from the garden to running errands and looking presentable in the process.

Today was a huge hurdle in my attemps to sort out the ins and outs of this business. I have hired an artist/graphic designer to put the finishing touches on my logo. She’s emailing me her step by step process for my input and go-ahead approval. It’s so exciting. Absolutely can not wait to show it to you.

Yes!!!!! Found it!!!! Huge hurdle in finding a 100% certified organic fabric supplier for my T-shirts, aprons, and capri pants. It had to be pesticide free and made in the USA. I found a very reputable company and they are ready to go! I’m looking at samples of the denim and woven fabrics. All organic of course.

Speak now if there are any special pockets you want on the capris–like a cell phone pocket and garden tool clip. Anything else. I’m meeting with the designer soon. Speak up–now is your chance to have a piece of clothing that works in the garden and on the go.

I am leaning toward having the logo embroidered on the item instead of screen printed. It cost more but looks and wears better.

The clothes are geared to the season—long sleeve thermals and such for winter. Short sleeves are not capped and not too long for summer—just right. Flowergardengirl.org will also carry gardening cards, birdhouses, and straw hats. The straw hats will match the shirts—which will coordinate with the ribbing on the capris—and well…….stay tuned.

Finally you can say—–gardening clothes that are not too cute……very comfortable—-durable—and ageless. They will not go out of style. Just like a good old galvanized watering can won’t ever go out of style.

Organics use to be dull colors but with today’s new techniques we can have things like cherry red and heavenly blue. Are you a cherry red or a heavenly blue?

Guys, I did not leave you out. Cargo garden shorts/pants and pro casual shirts are on the way. Got any suggestions? Let me know.

So now you know—you know some of the goings on behind Flowergardengirl. You must certainly stay tuned.

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  1. myenglishcountrygarden says:

    OK I’ve seen some very nice but twee gardening clothes and they have pockets on the knees into which you inset foam pads to protect the knees.Fab idea .They have pockets for everything- mobiles, Ipods etc.And clips for keys So I agree with that idea.But and this is a big but..they only come in very Laura Ashley-style floral prints that are very pale. You would be forever washing them.So bear that in mind.If it wasn’t for the pale colours Id have bought two sets of trousers pronto. I did email them….but no reply- so customer service is not high on ther list of priorities:-( Something waterproof like Barbour fabric would be my dream 😉 With Lycra for bending purposes 😉
    I agree and the knee pad idea seems like a good option—offer with and without. The capris pants will be jean and hopefully have that 2% lycra that you are talking about. I’m still waiting on some samples but have requested the lycra.

    I agree that a floral pattern is not my choice. Most people want a solid dark to light dark fabric. I want the fabric to be sturdy but not heavy. I want to be able to wear them year round here in NC. I want flat fronts with a bit of side elastic but not elastic all the way across the back. They will button and zip cause otherwise they look like sweat pants.

    We need a more feminine multi pocket pant==not one that looks like the large pocket cargo pant that is presently popular. I promise not to make anything cutesie. There won’t be some big old design across the chest. There will be subtle banding and stitching to bring out the uniqueness from other brands.

    The straw hats and aprons will coordinate but in a classy sense and not some silly fashion statement.

    This new clothes line is not about bold and flashy–it’s about lasting clothes that will go from the garden to the grocery store. I realize you might not do that but you could if you wanted to!


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