Trucking right through the night gift topper

gooseberry patch truck nightlight

Trucking right through the night so that the little ones and you don’t stumble, is this exclusive night light offered by Gooseberry Patch. I cruised on over there cause their products brighten my day and I always find something to match a floral arrangement I’m doing. This is so Autumn isn’t it? And I’d love to use it as a tie on for a birthday gift. I’d use green and white gingham paper with thin strips of white, yellow, and orange ribbon. When I’m wrapping a gift, I try and find something fun to put on top. Anyone would love this little treat.

sunflower tableclothAdd to the festivities with this cotton tablecloth from Provencal Tablecloths at Tablecloth Collections

green gingham tableclothI might would even wrap the birthday gift in this green gingham tablecloth from The tomato and lettuce are cute. I guess they come on the napkins. Add a good bunch of brownies in a basket and refreshments—wa–la–a great gift for the kitchen gardener

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  1. Catherine says:

    You did find some cute autumn things. I love the table cloth, very retro.
    Glad to read your son is doing better. Hope his wrist and neck are feeling better soon.


  2. My son (age 12) has just informed me that HE wants it! So, now you know it’ll be safe and have a good home;-)
    That’s wonderful–and tell him my sons are 29 and 27–they’ll probably get one too.


  3. Oh Anna, are you saying I won this little light? How on earth did THAT happen? I didn’t do anything to deserve it! Thx a bunch…can’t wait to see it. I know some little one will enjoy it and I’ll use it just as you suggested, on the outside of the main gift;-) I’m honored, truly!
    OH sorry–I was not clear about it—-you are receiving it as part of the Gardening by Letter Project. I include something like this in the monthly mailer! When I ran across it–I knew it was perfect.


  4. Jen says:

    The vintage tablecloths are so pretty – I find them a lot at garage sales marked at $2-3. I’ve noticed a lot of the styles are being revivied – everyone seems to love the retro look. Gosh, it will be autumn before we know it!!
    I think it’s cause retro was friendly to everyone. I’m a fan for sure.


  5. Janet says:

    That gingham set reminds me of something my grandmother had! How sweet.
    All grandma’s have them and I guess I’m getting close to that age myself. Oh No! Age has caught up.


  6. cherry says:

    Good morning Miss Anna you’re looking so festive this morning over here ! I’ll take a plate of those brownies with a side of that fabulous sunflower cloth.. Glad to hear your son is doing better hope he will be back to work and school very soon.
    hugs, Cherry
    OH goodie–Cherry came by–I love it! I made mint brownies and aren’t they good? Yes, my son is much better and thank you. Still has a wrist problem and has some trouble moving his neck properly.


  7. kaija says:

    Hi Anna! I have a Meme award for you. Please visit my blog to find out more. Your house and garden seems so beautiful! Kaija (Crow Cottage)
    Thank you for the meme. Soon as I get a chance, I’ll answer the questions and post here. It was fun reading about you—seeing the crow–and your little doggie. Your macro shots are stunning.


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