That’s Just a Straight No Brainer, Replenishing Your Soil

Salvia, Victoria Blue

I gave up on making any major decisions this afternoon when bam!, it hit me. I was reading Twitter mindlessly cause ya’ll know I’m tired. And an article pointed out to me by the Online Herbalist who blogs at Herbalist on the Street tweeted about DIY Cigarettes ( an article on Yahoo). I live in the ever controversial tobacco state of North Carolina so it peaked my interest.

New Beds May 08( New Beds in May 2008 or April. I moved in April 1 2008)

I’ll read most anything about tobacco. I’m not a smoker and don’t particularly like the smell of it but I’m not going to tow a no smoking sign around with me. I headed over to the read the DIY Cigarettes at Yahoo.

Smokers are growing their own according to the article. Tobacco seed sales are through the roof. Why–cause of the high price of a pack of cigs. Good grief they can be upwards close to $5 a pack. According to the article you can grow your own three year’s supply worth and not break out of the cartoon.

All afternoon I’ve been reserching the ins and outs of owing an e-commerce site so I can sell the new grow formula I’m associated with. Not more than an hour ago I read about the benefits of replenishing the soil. The formula is able to provide food to the microorganisms in the soil so they can replenish nutrients faster and get the whole ecological scale back in balance. This formula is able to deliver a dining delicacy so small that microorganisms are able to use it more easily. They don’t have to struggle to eat and so they produce more rapidly getting things moving along nicely.

Most fertilizers clobber your plants with salts and cause the roots to weaken. Not many fertilizers are also beneficial to the soil but only the plant. My formula works on the plant, the roots, and the soil. The ingredients are all FDA approved. It’s organic.

I also read an article in a major agriculture magazine singing the praises of this type of formula. When you feed the microorganisms and they start producing byproducts—waste–that is what feeds your plants. You will still need to amend your soil with leaf mulch and a good organic fertilizer like Plant Tone at least two times a year. Microorganisms need the organic leaf mulch too. They can’t just live off dirt.

Supertunia Vista Silverberry 2008( Proven Winners Vista Silverberry Summer 08)

The DIY article says that people are turning to growing their own tobacco –paraphrasing here—-they commented that they might die early but they won’t die broke. This is when a light bulb flashed in my brain—–my audience is the home grower. Tobacco steals the land of nutrients almost faster than the plant grows. My grow juice puts those nutrients back in the soil less than a season after depletion.

Vista Silverberrry by Proven Winners early summer 2008( end of May 2008)

I’ve been concentrating on the fact that this new formula will kill pest by dissolving their exoskeleton, it will feed the plant and help it grow a healthy cell wall so that pest can’t chew through, and it will feed the plant more efficiently through the roots. The plant grows larger more fibrous roots too. But I’ve not been concentrating on the fact that it can replenish tired dirt. Do you have tired dirt?

Craftsman Home( Not long ago–don’t pay attention to a date that pops us as I never set my camera date correctly)

We all know that tired soil is completely dead. Live soil makes healthy soil. I can bring the soil back to life and as one NC county extension office put it—-this is taking NC by storm. All these years of tobacco farming and cotton farming have left some fields dead. Not only does this formula bring it back to life but it ups the yields on plants replanted there with at least 30% increases.

It can do that for the home gardener too. I’ve been slow at getting this product to you because I have to get my trademark registered, get my tax Id settled, get the shipping down which unfortunately can run about $10 no matter what–errr, and other such stuff. It can make you nuts figuring out all the legal details.

Fall 08 Craftsman House(Fall 08, Fiskars and my can of wasp spray, sorry–I do use wasp killer on occasion as they are burrowing under my siding)

But I’m more motivated than ever to get it to you so it can work over the winter and get your beds in prime condition for Spring planting. Oh I hope I can do that.

Craftsman Home August 2009 River Birch( This brings us to the current front gardens. Back gardens haven’t had as much attention and I can’t get settled back there. Still lots of work to do. But this is a lot of growth don’t you think? )

I don’t even have a name for the formula yet. I’ve been testing it for a whole year and I don’t know what to call it. When I do figure it out, I’ll let you know. My gardens are barely over a yr old. See why I like this stuff. I also amend with mushroom compost in the Spring and Black Cow in the Autumn which it’s almost time to do. I’ll let all the annuals die back first.

So as I think about starting this e-commerce business to sell some home made stuff for the garden and sell this grow formula—-it’s a lot of decisions on me. I want to get it right. I want what is right for may family. Would you buy this formula? Be honest. I’d really appreciate your feedback. I’m not holding you to it and it won’t be sold on this site but on another I’m developing—

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Yolanda says:


    Good afternoon. I am so waiting for you to start selling this product. If my garden call look half as good as yours does I am sold.
    I’m having trouble figuring out how I’m going to ship it. It has a soap base and according to the USPS, it’s a hazardous material. Soap and cleaning materials are hazardous. UPS may make it too expensive.


  2. linda says:

    Wow Anna, your front garden looks gorgeous! I have good soil, but too many tree roots and lots of shade here. I’d be very interested in trying your fertilizer – I use only organic stuff here – you know, the good, really stinky stuff!


  3. meghan says:

    i’m so excited about your product. i think i’ve got some dead soil over here!! so sorry to hear about your son’s car accident. hoping for a good recovery!


  4. I’m intrigued!!!
    Shipping out of country is something that is not clear to me yet. The more I know about running a business the more I don’t know. Shipping liquids is totally different than dry goods. It use to be easy to ship something like this but not with today’s rules.


  5. Hanna says:

    Who’s your target consumer?
    The home gardener would be my audience. I think it’s going to be the new gardening remedy–just not sure about all the details of selling it……like liability etc. If I don’t decide to sell it, I’ll still pass along the information where it can be purchased. It is just now being offered to the public.


  6. So glad your son is doing better. Your gardens are beautiful. All that hard work, yet what a reward! Beautiful, wonderful, colorful flowers.
    Thanks so much and we are enjoying our front porch. The view of the flowers is peaceful. I love watching the birds at the feeder in the evening.


  7. gittan says:

    I think your bed looks great / gittan
    Thank you


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